How to Set up Your Gluten-Free Summer for Success

Are You Ready for Your Gluten-Free Summer?

How to Set up Your Gluten-Free

Summer for Success


Happy Memorial Day!   Are you ready for your gluten-free summer?

Yeah! It’s the weekend I yearn for –  signaling that the warm weather will be here to stay. It’s finally time to fix up the gardens and finalize our summer plans.


gluten-free summer beach ball in water

Yet, this year brings a lot of uncertainty for the summer ahead:


  • Will we still be home practicing social distancing?
  • Will we be able to go away on vacations?
  • Will the beaches be opened, or stay opened?
  • Will we be able to travel to see loved ones we’ve missed during quarantine?
  • Will the kids have sports, activities or camps?


Yes, a lot of uncertainly is still in the air.


This doesn’t mean we have to give up having a great summer.


Even while stuck at home, we can create lasting memories with our family and friends. Think of all those childhood memories!  I bet they happened right at home, like mine – swimming in your pool, neighborhood baseball games, and cookouts in the backyard. We can do this!


sunglasses on a beach- gluten-free sunscreens

Grab these Top Tips to create your best gluten-free summer,

whether we need to stay in quarantine or not,

 so that YOU can create your own BEST summer ahead:


Plan and prepare

Have fun ideas ready and waiting for everyone so you don’t fall into the “there’s nothing to do” category.

Create a list of your own ideas to do together at home or nearby in case camps and activities are canceled. Sit down with your family and brainstorm a list of things you can safely do together. Get ready to be surprised at how many fun ideas you’ll create!


Find and purchase your gluten-free sunscreens – no burns this summer!

Yes, even sunscreens can have hidden gluten. Find ones that work for you. (Hint . . . I have a list!)


Have snacks ready and on-hand to keep everyone happy all day – for home and any travel planned (if possible).

Snacks can get you through the day when all the kids are playing and expending energy. Being prepared will make you the happiest mom on the block!


Have a list of go-to easy and delicious gluten-free meals.

When dinnertime arrives, the troops want a meal. If you have been out all day, simple meals can be on the table in minutes. Planning and preparing these meals takes little time and creates great success at the end of the day. (See The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Survival Guide for multiple summer dinner ideas!)


Keep hydrated

Keep a water bottle (stainless steel or glass) for everyone to refill throughout the day to drink water and stay hydrated. Don’t get caught with hidden gluten from energy drinks, juices, teas and even coffee. Drinking water all day will help keep your energy sustained!


Plan ahead for all children’s activities

Plan what’s needed to keep safe and healthy. This might include having a safe gluten-free snack/drink or sunscreen needed.


Vacation a go! Yippee!!

Take all the steps to prepare and be ready for everything – staying at a hotel, a friend’s house or renting a house? The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Survival Guide fills you in on all things gluten-free vacation stays so you can vacation in style with ease.


Grab your OWN copy of The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Survival Guide

Be overly prepared for the best summer ever – whether we are social distancing at home or out enjoying the fun-filled, sunny days! The Ultimate Gluten-Free Summer Survival Guide is a 19 page e-book full of tips, strategies and resources to get you through the summer and conquering all things gluten-free, whether you are splish-splashing in the pool, strolling the beach or relaxing in the backyard.



Are you ready to create lasting summer memories?

Check out everything the Summer Survival Guide covers here:

Ultimate Gluten-free Summer Guide E-Book


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