Do You Trust Gluten-Free Apps?

Do You Trust Gluten-Free Apps?Do You Trust Gluten-Free Apps?


Today there are a multitude of apps we can use to simplify all aspects of our life.

Have you tried any of the gluten-free apps?


Would you trust these to help keep your health?


Most of the gluten-free apps used today were not around when I started my gluten-free life. I only downloaded them a couple of years ago.  Call me old-fashioned but I’ve had too many computer issues to put my trust into an app to rule my health.

Do You Trust Gluten-Free Apps?

Yet, now I can see the other side of the whole app obsession.


Gluten-Free apps can offer a lot of help and now are easy to find and use.  They can be quite beneficial in many situations, like finding gluten-free food or safe restaurants, telling which foods or products are gluten-free, sharing gluten-free recipes and even giving some health information.


Yes, we can now do it all on apps.


Have you tried any of these gluten-free apps yet?

Do You Trust Gluten-Free Apps?

#1 Find Me Gluten-Free (free)

This is by far my favorite app.  My family uses this every time we go to a new gluten-free restaurant. It’s especially helpful when you are on vacation or in a new area and need to find a restaurant you can trust.

This gives you restaurants in an area you type in (search location) along with reviews, menus and directions.


#2 Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards – (free)

This app shares over 40 card images from CeliacTravel in many languages


GF Scanner (free version or $3.99)

By scanning the barcode of a product this tells if a product has gluten in it or not.  This is a big help for people just starting to live gluten-free.


Now Find Gluten-Free (free)

Scans bar code to state if product is GF or not, can filter allergens and dietary wants, gives shopping lists, where to find products, states it is updated regularly

Also offers Now Find Dairy-Free, Now Find Organic & Non-GMO and Now Find Vegetarian.


Top 5 Hacks for Eating Gluten-Free


There are many apps on the market to help in our gluten-free lives.  They definitely help make things easier overall.


Yet, take caution with relying on them completely. Products change, ingredients change and scanners (like any computer) can be inaccurate at times.


Even when using the apps – always go back to asking the questions needed to keep your gluten-free health safe.


Which gluten-free apps would you rely on?


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