Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 8th – 14th is Food Allergy Awareness Week!


Food allergies are on the rise and may hit you or your family at any time and at any age.  

When my own children started school, I was a bit taken aback that they couldn’t bring peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  Quickly I realized why, and how serious food allergies are to those who live with them everyday.  This is NOT a preference.  This is NECESSARY to keep them healthy, thriving, and alive in some cases.  Checking your food, reading labels, knowing what you put into your mouth with every bite you take is serious business.

When food allergies hit our family, it was a life changing event.  We adjusted, slowly but surely with lots of education and determination to be able to live a healthy life without feeling deprived all the time.  We now know that there is NO need of that!  There is so much out there for anyone who lives with food allergies – in terms of food, support, education and help.


This week, for Food Allergy Awareness Week:

**Support a family member or friend living with food allergies

**Donate gluten-free food items to the local food pantry

**Share an allergy friendly snack with your child’s classmates

**Check out the  Gluten Free & MoreKids With Food Allergies or the FARE Websites to learn more

**Look for a walk or Food Allergy Fest in your area to learn more about food allergies and how they affect families

Check out the Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo here

Those of us living with food allergies will thank you!

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