Gluten-Free? Don’t Let That Stop Your Vacation!

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Don’t Let That Stop Your Vacation

Traveling with food allergies can either be very exciting or very stressful. 

gluten-free traveling in Boston

Too many people are afraid to travel being gluten-free, spending too much time worrying about where to go, where to stay and getting there.  What will they eat when they are away from home?


These are all valid worries living gluten-free.  Yet, this is all workable.  Take a few extra steps in your planning and then off you go . . . possibly to the vacation of a lifetime.


Now, do you really want to give that up and spend all of your time sitting at home wishing to go somewhere?

Planning is imperative


gluten-free travel


Vacation destinations are endless.   After you choose where you want to go, the planning begins.  Living gluten-free will cause a bit more planning, more researching and more questions – but all worth it once you get there.


The world is expanding


gluten-free vacations - family camp


The world around us has expanded quite a lot in the understanding of living gluten-free, or living with food allergies.  As more gluten-free bakeries and restaurants pop up, so do other venues such as gluten-free camps, and gluten-free Bed & Breakfasts.


In the Pocono Mountains, the NJY Camp offers a Gluten-Free Family Camp weekend.  They also offer their gluten-free menu for all camping experiences.  Researching the area you are traveling to will help you pinpoint such places.


How to Save Money Being Gluten-free Cheat Sheet


Possibilities are Endless


gluten-free travel


In an article in the Allergic Living Magazine, Gluten-Free’s World HQ, they state that “Finland holds the record for the highest incidence of the autoimmune disease in the western world. If there ever was a world headquarters for Celiac Disease, it would be Finland.”  They also stated, “Eating out gluten-free is generally viewed as simple in Finland”.   Research, diagnostics and government support are all top priorities there as well.


I had no idea that traveling to Finland could be a safe bet for me, until I read that article. You see, possibilities are endless.


Research and you will find incredible places to visit that allow you to continue to thrive living gluten-free.


Completely check out your destination


gluten-free travel beach


Once you know your destination, you can use an app like Find Me Gluten Free, or to locate places to dine while traveling. You can also try or, which both help find restaurants in your area.


Don’t forget to look up grocery stores, markets and specialty shops to help locate gluten-free or safe food options you can purchase while traveling. On vacations Farmer’s Markets are a blessing to easily pick up fresh healthy fruits and veggies for quick snacks or meals.



Call ahead and check websites


gluten-free vacation


Heading to certain museums, parks or amusement parks?


Call ahead, check websites and see what dining options they may offer.  Talking to someone at the location can get you the best information, and allow you to ask your questions prior to booking your vacation.



Pre-planning, researching and asking the right questions

will help you PLAN, GO, and ENJOY

a fabulous gluten-free vacation your heart desires


Bon Voyage


Where is your favorite gluten-free place to vacation?



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