Gluten-Free Holiday Giveaway



It’s time for a Gluten-Free HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!

Get ready to be gifted!


Gluten-Free Holiday Celebration Strategies


Here come your 12 Gluten-Free Days of Christmas!


Starting today I’ll be sharing the 12 Gluten-Free Days of Christmas on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also follow along right here on my website. (See links below)


gluten-free gifts


Follow the Rules:


To catch all the fun jump over to Instagram or Facebook

to join the Holiday Giveaway!


Watch for your “gift” shared each day.  Use each gift to help create your best Gluten-Free Life for the New Year!



During the first 6 days (Dec 13 – 18)



for delicious ideas to make in your own gluten-free kitchen.

(Santa will pick one out for you!)


Rules to enter the Holiday Giveaway:


◊ FOLLOW Gluten-Free Marcks The Spot on Instagram or on Facebook


◊ LIKE the Gluten-Free Days of Christmas posts on Instagram or Facebook


◊ COMMENT on the 12 Gluten-Free Days of Christmas posts

Each comment = 1 entry (Comment as many times as you want on Instagram or Facebook)


◊ TAG your gluten-free friends!


◊ GIVEAWAY closes 12/18 at 10 p.m. (**Must be in the US for delivery)


STAY TUNED: Winner for the drawing will be announced on December 20th

Can’t wait to pick YOUR name!


gluten-free Christmas


The 12 Days of Gluten-Free Christmas blog posts are all here on my website. Click below for each day or follow along with each post over on Facebook or Instagram. Gather your gifts to help find your path to gluten-free living!


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Day Twelve 

Happy Holidays!


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