As the New Year settles in, the possibilities seem endless.

The New Year gives us a clean slate for us to write our lives any way we want.  We can rebuild and create as the year begins. So, we therefore set standards for ourselves to meet, a new inspirational version of ourselves.  There is the sight of a new, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, improved YOU!

How to best succeed at those goals?

Make manageable goals that you CAN accomplish.  All too often, we create a long list of goals that quickly become overwhelming and them we push them to the side and forget about them.

Listen to Yourself

It is time to quiet the voices in your head that are not your own. Try to listen to what it is that your heart and body are saying. If you keep finding yourself in the same situations, such as being short-tempered, skipping meals or being exhausted often – whatever it may be, the answer usually lies within. Shut everything else out and listen to what your body and mind are asking. Those insights are the goals you want to create.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Whatever you need to focus on – moving your body every day, ditching sugar or relaxing a bit more – focus there and that will help create a better you.

When things may not be looking up for your state of mind, your body can always be given a boost with a little love and self-care. Set goals for your health which are manageable: hydrate, take a walk, eat more veggies, spend time in nature.

Listen to Your Body

Be mindful as you eat through your day.  Keep track of what you eat and how you feel.  You will start to see what gives you energy, and what brings you down and bothers your body.  Paying attention to this can actually change your life!


If you need help figuring out your goals, or what you are eating that could be causing you some issues, send me an e-mail at jennifermarckshealthcoach@outlook.com and let’s set up a 20 minute session to show you how to create a fantastic 2018!



All the best for a fabulous 2018!


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