How to Batch Cook to Put a Healthy Gluten-Free Dinner on the Table EVERY Night

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How to Batch Cook to Put a

Healthy Gluten-Free Dinner

on the Table EVERY Night


Do you batch cook?

Have you heard of this? 

Batch Cooking is when you prepare multiple meals at the same time. It can be a huge time saver for busy families and those who work outside of the house.  It sets you up to put a healthy meal on the table every night.

Batch cooking multiple meals and dessert

Batch cooking is spending a couple of hours cooking and preparing multiple meals.  It’s good to plan this on the weekend when you may have a little more time on your hands.  Or, possibly you have a morning or afternoon free each week, which would work too. One to three hours works well, depending on what you are cooking and preparing.


Make the time


Plan to cook a few dinners for the week.  You can prep veggies, salads and smoothies to have them set when needed. Precook your meats and side dishes.


Prepping morning smoothies


Preparing breakfast smoothies the night before is a huge time saver. Grab, blend and go in the morning and you are getting a great healthy start to your day.  Planning to clean your greens, chop, dice, and put together your smoothie in the am is just fuel to say – “ugh, too much time, too much work” – and grab something else.  Don’t let this happen!


Preparing helps you stay on a healthy path


Cook rice, quinoa or pasta ahead of time for what you’ll need during the week.

Chicken Soup cooking in a pot

A great tip is to cook once and create many meals.  For instance, cook a whole chicken.  Use the broth and some of the meat for a homemade chicken soup. Shred a portion of the meat to make chicken sandwiches for lunches. Chop up the remaining meat, add it to your favorite salsa or enchilada sauce and sauté for a quick chicken taco filling. (Need help with this? Ask me about my cooking classes!)


One cook time creates multiple meals

pot of gluten-free chili

Making soup, chili or lentil stew?  These are all easy to double up and make two batches.  Eat one this week, freeze one for later. Super easy and another time saver!


Pre-plan to create healthy dinners


gluten-free chicken and veggie stir fry

To make a stir fry, pre-cut all the ingredients.  Again, you can also precook the rice or noodles.  Once you arrive home for dinner, cook all of the pre-cut veggies with meat/beans, warm your rice or noodles and dinner is served.


Grab your gluten-free baking tips


On another note, you can precook the whole meal. Heat it up and serve once you arrive home.  Five to ten minutes and everyone is happy to sit down for dinner.  Pasta and meatballs or a pasta veggie stir-fry works well to be heated up quickly.


Batch cooking baked goods

Yes, you can even batch cook all of your baked goods.  Eat some immediately, freeze some for later.


Batch cooking meals and sides

This is where meal planning and batch cooking go hand in hand. (You can read all about meal planning here.)


Gone are the days of whining for dinner or having to start from scratch to cook dinner once you walk in the door.  No more delivering your dish an hour later to all whining family members – and exhausted moms!


Once you start batch cooking, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this all along.  This is how I keep my family on a healthy path even when we are out and running all day long.


No more need to stop at the local drive-in and feel terrible afterwards!


The KEY is thinking ahead!


Pre-plan ** Shop ** Cook ** Freeze

Boom!  Dinner is Done!


Your body will thank you and so will your family!


Get the whole family involved and have fun Cooking!


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