More Than 25 Gluten-Free School Lunch Ideas

More Than 25 Gluten-Free

School Lunch Ideas


School is just about to start, and already I’m hearing moms worrying about school lunch!

Having food allergies, my children take their own lunch to school each day.  For us, it is a safer and healthier manner that works.  No worrying about cross-contamination, becoming sick in class, or eating something that has gluten.


Eating a healthier lunch, also gives students more stamina and energy to get through the day and think clearer.  Eating crappy, sugary junk will drain their energy and lessen their attention span in class.


Think about which kind of student you want your child to be.  Fill them with the right fuel, and they will have more energy to be productive.

School Lunch Bag and Thermos for Gluten-free Lunch

Here’s a list with more than 25 ideas for School lunches

See which ideas work for your family


♥ Coconut or Greek Yogurt with fruit and granola mixed in, topped with cinnamon

♥ Mac & Cheese with steamed carrots and broccoli

♥ Sliced veggies with hummus and rice cakes

♥ Eggs: sliced egg or egg salad sandwich, hard-boiled egg

♥ Tuna on a bagel

♥ Chicken salad on a lettuce leaf or roll up

♥ Waffle or bagel with Sun Butter and banana slices

Minestrone soup, Chicken soup or gazpacho cold soup

♥ Kale salad with grated carrots, olives and avocado

♥ Green salad loaded with veggies, topped with chicken, tuna, salmon or taco meat

♥ Tacos – taco meat on a lettuce leaf or in a zucchini pancake


♥ Calzone – get creative with the fillings

♥ Quinoa salad with raw or roasted veggies

Salmon Burger

♥ Black bean burger

Chili burger

♥ Turkey burger

♥ BLT on a waffle, gluten-free bread, bagel or lettuce wrap

♥ Rice cakes with Sun Butter

♥ Stuffed avocado

♥ Rice Bowl – brown rice with added protein (meats/beans) and veggies

♥ Sliced turkey and cheese roll ups (watch the additives in deli meats)

♥ Carrot soup with a home-made muffin

♥ Don’t forget dinner left-overs – they make a great lunches the following day and help with time prep


For the adults and parents: if you typically go out to lunch at work, think about all the money you could save by bringing your own lunch to the office.  Seriously – try it for a week and see what happens!  You will be amazed at how much you can save. Check my previous post to see how you can accomplish this in your own home.


Pre-planning and preparing meals at home saves time and money!


Throughout the Fall I will continue to post recipes.  Look for some mentioned in this post.  In the meantime, if you want help with a certain recipe, let me know and I will post a recipe for you!


Have a great school year!



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