Schools Today for our Gluten-Free Children

School Time for our Gluten-Free Students

School Time for our Gluten-Free Children


School for our gluten-free children will look different this year.


Truth: Schools for everyone will look different this year!

gluten-free children in school

As we all try to navigate the “new normal” during this corona pandemic, parents everywhere are stressing over the big issue of sending our children back to school.


Do we send our children back for in-person full-day school?

Will there be a hybrid schedule available to follow? (meaning classes will be offered ½ in school and ½ virtual)

Do we homeschool to be safe?

Do we have them take classes virtually through their own school district or move to another online program that is already established?

Should college students live on campus or not?


These are tough decisions for parents everywhere


This has been an overwhelming time with three children at different educational levels in our home: elementary, high school, and college.


There are definite pros and cons for each side of the fence, even at different levels. And, there is certainly a different answer per family as we all have different needs.


I cannot tell you what to do – each household needs to find that balance for themselves.


What is best for our family may not fit yours and vice versa.


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Navigating schools for gluten-free children


Yes, this will look different. But, if you’re in school for any portion of the day, the following blog posts will help you navigate and create a safe gluten-free community for your gluten-free child.


Each level of education will help with any struggles you may face for your gluten-free child to be in school.


Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Preschool


Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Elementary School


Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Middle and High School


Sending Your Gluten-Free Child Off to College



Try these tips to help manage virtual classes at home:

No-Bake Gluten-free Pumpkin Oat Balls

Have extra (healthy) snacks on hand

I have seen a big rise in our snacking being home more – especially with virtual learning and watching TV.


Choose snacks that offer health instead of filling up on sugar. Healthy snacks will help your child think and be productive.


Sugary snacks may increase your child’s energy, but soon that energy will crash with ups and downs in temperament and attitude (and later may affect their sleep).


Sugary snacks lead to desiring more sugary snacks. Keeping healthier options at home will help children choose healthier options.


Try this recipe: No-Bake Gluten-free Pumpkin Oat Balls


Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free Day

Choose drinks wisely

Loading up on soda and other fruit juices will also create a harder time focusing on work and being still to follow on-line classes. Teach your children to choose water and keep hydrated all day.


Don’t like plain water? Add fruit, veggies, or herbs to flavor the water. Try adding cucumber and mint, or make a peach tea together = refreshing! Try a smoothie where you can add in nourishing fruits and veggies.


Tie in learning at home

Create fun healthy snacks and drinks together. Get in the kitchen.


Use measuring, counting, numbers – pull out the math while you cook or bake together.


Write out your recipes – using reading and writing skills.


Create your own recipes – imagination


In any situation, we can make learning fun – in a not so fun environment right now.


thankful for gluten-free life

Do your BEST – that’s all we can do right now


The thing to remember is that your best may not be your friend’s or neighbor’s best. This too will look differently for all.


Do what works for your family


But know- that in whatever situation you are in for school this year- we have your gluten-free student’s back!



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