Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free Day

Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free DaySmoothies to Energize

Your Gluten-Free Day


Do you start your day with a smoothie?

Pancakes or cereal are OK sometimes, but let’s rethink this.  Fueling your body in the right manner can truly increase your energy to get you through your day.


Smoothies are the perfect choice to fuel that energy.


If you are fighting fatigue, the common cold, skin problems, or even anxiety, smoothies can help put you on the right path to health.


Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free Day

There are multiple benefits to smoothies.  They . . .

*help to increase fruit and vegetable intake

*boost nutrition in your day, with an increase of vitamins and minerals needed

*give your digestion a break

*add fiber to help with bowel movements

*can help kick sugar cravings to the curb


Personally, I love to wake and eat breakfast.  When I started drinking smoothies I was skeptical that they would fill me up and keep me satiated. Wow, was I wrong!  Starting my day with a smoothie often held me off to eating until after lunch. And, I didn’t need a snack mid-morning.


There is definitely a difference in my energy throughout the day if I skip my smoothie.


It's Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Time! (1)


The best part is that they are easy to make.


You can certainly find a million different smoothie recipes over on Pinterest but it is just as easy to build your own.


Load up your blender with the following:

  1. Greens: add in ½ – 1 cup of kale, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, parsley, or lettuce
  2. Fruit: add in banana, berries, apple or mango
  3. Fat & Protein: add in 1-2T hemp seeds, chia seeds or flax seeds, pea protein or protein powder, avocado, coconut oil or nut butter
  4. Superfood add-ins (optional): raw cacao, bee pollen, shredded coconut, goji berries, collagen powder
  5. Liquid: add in 1 – 1 ½ cups pf water, coconut water, or dairy-free milk


Adding in spices to improve digestion is also a smart move.  Good additions are cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric or cayenne.

Mint is also a great addition.


Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free Day

This is my favorite Green Smoothie:

½ cup spinach

½ cup kale

½ avocado

½ banana

½ t cinnamon

1T cacao powder or protein powder (optional)

1 cup of coconut milk


Blend all together and enjoy!


Ninja Blender for gluten-free smoothies

Don’t stress over having an expensive blender.

While a basic store-bought blender will not truly blend your greens and veggies as needed, a Ninja works wonders. You do not have to start with a Blendtec or Vitamix. I suggest starting with a less expensive investment to make sure you follow through and create a fabulous habit for your health.  There’s no sense spending $400-$500 on a blender then letting it sit on your counter unused.


Create your healthy smoothie habit, and then celebrate yourself with an upgrade if needed!


Gluten-free Smoothie Hack

A Smart Smoothie Hack:


I used to hit the Farmer’s Market to pick up my greens. At home, I would clean, chop and then place the greens in the freezer for future smoothies.


Last spring I hurt my hand and couldn’t use a knife for a while, yet still wanted my smoothies. I found a large bag of Frozen Organic Spinach and Kale at our local BJs Shopper Club. It was cost-effective, ready to use, and saved me lots of prep time – who doesn’t like that?


So . . . no more excuses that you do not have time!  Buy the frozen chopped greens and make your smoothie the night before. In the morning just blend and go.  See, no excuses!


Are you ready to start your Smoothie Routine today?


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