Where Do You Get Your Energy?

green juiceWhere Do You Get Your Energy?


Have you heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?”

Well, there’s a lot of truth there!  It took me years to finally hear that from the experts.  I was excited to hear it as I always felt it was the food that I was eating that had to be making me feel terrible, sluggish and depleted.


Where do you get your energy?


Not from sugar and caffeine as you may think.  When most people get depleted throughout the day they grab a candy bar for quick energy, or another cup of coffee . . .  wrong move.


Think fresh – whole – real – cell building – refreshing – nutritious = that will build you up.


Create and build you own drink to replenish your body.  Just as the sunshine and rain create photosynthesis in the green plants growing outside

(Remember 2nd grade science class?)

 eating your greens & veggies will replenish your cells and give you the energy your body needs to get you through the day.

Morning juice veggies

In the morning, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, wash and chop some of your favorite veggies

and juice them for a refreshing pick up to start your day.

Mix them up with greens like kale, spinach, collards, celery, cucumbers, parsley, cilantro, sweet veggies like carrots or red peppers, or fruits like apples.  You can add lemons, limes, ginger . . . . be creative and mix it up.  Give yourself a good variety.



Drink up and feel the energy float you through the day!

(To get the best benefits, drink on an empty stomach.)

Feel the difference!

juice w juicer

(I cannot believe that I have had this Krups Juicer for over 20 years!!)

What juice will you try?


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