Worried That Your Food Allergy Will Hold You Back From Your Summer Vacation?

Worried That Your Food Allergy Will Hold You Back From Your Summer Vacation?


Summer is approaching!  For many of us it means finally getting a break from our very busy schedules

of work, home and kids’ activities.  Possibly, it is a time that you are busier traveling and adding in more camps and activities.  Either way, choosing an outing or vacation takes a bit of planning and know-how when living with food allergies or intolerances.


Worried that your food allergy will hold you back –

absolutely not!


Do not stay home and miss out because you live with food allergies.  Getting ready for your relaxation and time away requires a bit of pre-planning, no matter what your plans will be.  Getting through your vacation with food allergies, may require a bit more planning, but will all be worth it in the end.


Planning vacations take time – all the packing, pre-planning and scheduling that has to be completed.  Accomplishing all before heading out the door on the big day is a bit of work for anyone.  Add in issues with food allergies, and for some that causes lots of extra stress.  I have had people tell me they just don’t want to go anywhere, afraid to travel with their food allergies.  Oh, so not the case!  Think of all the fun you would miss!


Stop – take a breath – plan – and you will have a great time!


First and foremost you should have a type of travel “go-to-bag” at your ready.  Gather snacks, wipes, water and any medications you need.  Snacks may include things like allergy friendly trail mix, granola or power bars, nuts/seeds, energy bars, dried fruit – any non-perishable items that can travel well.  Always try to take water with you (use a refillable stainless steel or glass water bottle) so you are not tempted to grab a soda or other sugary drink on the go.  Having snacks on hand will get you through the day in most situations.


WHERE you are going,

HOW you will get there

and WHERE you will stay

will all drive how much extra planning will be needed.


Feeling uneasy that you should venture away because you have food allergies?

Oh – it is all do-able my friend!

Let me show you the way . . .

Stop back as I will be sharing some great allergy travel tips to help figure out the how, where and why to help your vacation go smoothly.

Let’s make your summer vacation the best one yet!




Summer Vacation picture by digitalart; Set of Travel Accessory on Wooden Background by surasaki – both courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

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