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Gluten-Free Deviled Eggs

Gluten-Free Deviled Eggs

Jennifer Marcks / Gluten-Free MARCKS the Spot
Easy and delicious - you can have your favorite treats when you are gluten-free!
Course Breakfast, Side Dish, Snack


  • 1 dozen eggs (organic/cage free)
  • 2-3 T gluten-free mayo (We love Earth Balance)
  • 1 t. honey mustard (We use Annie's)
  • Sea salt
  • Paprika


  • Place the eggs into a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil.
  • Once at a rapid boil, turn off the heat and let sit covered for 15 minutes.
  • Once cooked, rinse, then fill the pot with cold water just to cover the eggs. Let sit to cool for a few minutes.
  • Peel all of the eggs once they are cooled down enough to handle.
  • Slice the eggs in half. Place the egg whites on a plate and the egg yolks into a bowl.
  • Add the mayo and honey mustard to the egg yolks and mix all together. If the mixture is dry, add more mayo (a little at a time). The mixture should be light and creamy.
  • Place the egg white halves on a dish or serving platter.
  • Scoop the egg yolk mixture into a plastic sandwich bag and push to one corner.
  • Using scissors cut a small corner off the bag with the mixture. Pipe the egg yolk mix into the center of the egg. (If you have a pastry bag you can also use a fancy tip and make pretty swirls.)
  • Once the eggs are filled evenly, sprinkle with paprika and sea salt.
  • Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
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