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As I awoke early over the weekend, I headed outside early to garden, before it got too hot.

I love digging in the dirt, seeing all the worms inch their way out of the soil and the bugs and beetles skitter by my spade.  I especially love the look of a freshly weeded garden, everything looks so bright and healthy. The flowers seem to smile and say “Thanks!”, as they perk right up as you fluff their soil.

As I was pulling out too many stubborn weeds, and cutting back the overgrown plants, it got me thinking.  Our bodies are much like our gardens.  We need to weed out that which doesn’t belong, that which makes the plants wither and die.  I noticed a big difference in the plants that I had been pruning and feeding, compared to the ones I had left alone. We need to add in the good soil, feed the plants well, water the plants as often as needed and they will thrive. Yes . . . exactly like our bodies!

We need to nourish our bodies – body, mind and spirit, with whole, fresh, natural foods.  We need to drink clean water to keep hydrated and keep our bodies working properly.  We need to get rid of, “weed out”, the processed foods that put us on the path of an unhealthy body and spirit. We need to move our bodies and have a positive mindset. Go out and fluff up your soil, hydrate, nourish and soak up some sun.  See the difference you will feel!


So, starting today – WEED OUT all that you don’t need.  Then, ADD IN all that you do need!

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