Isn’t it time to have a
gluten-free life that works?

Trying to find gluten-free meals everyone will eat

safe snacks to enjoy…

and GF food at reasonable prices

Some days it feels unattainable, falling into that, “there’s nothing left to eat” mindset.

You’re probably tired of being afraid to leave the house

(too far from the bathroom with all the bloating and gas!),

passing on fun celebrations with family and friends, and especially,

missing out on your son scoring the winning goal in the soccer tournament!

It’s time to change all of that!

Jennifer cooking gluten-free

♥ I’m Jennifer and I'm here because my life is all about living gluten-free.♥

If you need to live gluten-free or have children

or family who are gluten-free

…because… let’s face it…

YOU (possibly the Mom – the Caretaker )

are the one who needs to understand     

all the ins & outs about this new lifestyle …

then, you’re in the right place!

Facts state that 1 in 133 people are diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
Yet, even MORE are living with gluten-intolerance.

In either case, you need to be diligent about living a gluten-free life. There’s a lot to understand and incorporate into your “new normal” on this journey.

I have the experience, knowledge, and compassion from living GF with my family for 13 years, being a teacher and school administrator, and studying to be a Certified Health Coach, to lead you to a healthy, sustainable and delicious gluten-free life that works for YOU and your family.

Oh, how I wished that I had a hand to hold when starting my gluten-free journey.

I didn't... but YOU CAN!

Now I live a healthy gluten-free life
with my 3 children and husband every day

As the creator of Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot,
I help women fall in love with their gluten-free life.

Having Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance in my family, I know exactly what you’re going through.

We’ll empower your kitchen skills to gain back your energy and learn how to change your plate to change your life. You’ll be amazed as your family and friends start devouring your new gluten-free meals and treats.

We’ll help ditch the overwhelm and have you back having coffee with friends, lunch with the girls, and traveling to the beach on vacation with your family. No more sitting on the couch and missing out on life!

Your Hidden Gluten Guide

Learn top places gluten can derail your GF life so that you can get
through your day safely with less worry
Save money gluten-free

How to Save Money Being Gluten-Free

Finally have a proven way to live gluten-free without breaking the bank!

Cooking and baking with my family
is a big part of who I am.

I love to create new gluten-free recipes that are delicious and enjoyable for my family and share them with others. My children continuously empower me to create new meals and treats.  Often, they come home and say, “My friend was eating this today – will you make it gluten-free so we can eat it too?” And . . .  we figure it out!

As a former teacher, I’ve always been passionate to learn and share with others. My gluten-free journey has taught me a lot. Now, I’m here to share it all with you. So, let’s get you in the kitchen cooking up delicious gluten-free recipes everyone will love!

When I am not whipping up a new gluten-free treat, you can find me sneaking off to read a good book, going for a walk, snuggling up with my family for games, or even binge-watching Netflix for a few of those good belly laughs.

Jennifer gluten-free baking in the kitchen

No one should have to struggle to find
a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.

Let me show you the way