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You're Invited to Cook with Jennifer!

Lost on ideas for gluten-free dinners to put the table every night?

How about easy and delicious gluten-free recipes your whole family will LOVE!


Gluten-Free Moms Night-In Cooking Classes

Join me for Virtual Cooking Classes taught over Zoom to connect us to the delicious world of gluten-free cooking and baking.

Gluten-Free Curry Chicken
gluten-free cooking classes
Jennifer cooking gluten-free

This is NOT Your typical cooking class

Of course, you’ll learn the steps and techniques along with the recipes…

but you’ll also get the education behind the food.

Possible topics discussed within the cooking class:

  • Why certain foods are important in your gluten-free life
  • How to get a healthy gluten-free meal on the table every night
  • Stretching out your family meal and pleasing your children
  • What good nutrition means for gluten-free living
  • And more!

Grab your friends, your glass of wine, and join the fun!

Each month I provide a different Cooking Class so you can gain the confidence to get in the kitchen and provide easy and delicious gluten-free meals – and treats – your family will love and devour.

Upcoming Classes

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Virtual Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

Do you stop to reboot your computer? Take your car in for a tune-up?

Our bodies need a reboot too! Learn how to boost your health by taking a break from certain foods, all to reboot your body and kick up your health. Learn what to take out, and what to add to your plate to get started as we cook easy and delicious recipes together while learning about clean eating.

Afraid you have to give up pasta now that you’re gluten-free?

Not at all! Join Jennifer to create easy and delicious gluten-free pasta recipes. Learn different kinds of pasta available for your gluten-free plate and tricks to cooking them to perfection.

Gluten-free can be easy and delicious!

Cost: $25 / person per class

*Individual cooking classes are also available

In each class, you’ll get:

  • 1-2 hour Virtual cooking class over Zoom (depending on the engagement and Q & A)
  • Three recipes covered in the class
  • Cheat Sheet of topic covered per month (I.E. How to Put a Healthy Gluten-Free Dinner on the Table Every Night)
  • An evening of fun with other chef friends “in the kitchen”
  • Fun Mom’s Night-In
Jennifer gluten-free baking in the kitchen

Why cook with me?

I grew up baking with my mom and cooking with my dad. I’ve been gluten-free for 11 years now, along with all three of my children.

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen creating great food.  When we began our GF life, it sure threw us a curve. But we bounced back and recreated all of our favorite meals to be gluten-free – and have not stopped.

As a Gluten-Free Health Coach, I aim to teach my clients to enjoy food - healthy, delicious gluten-free food.

Don’t worry, sinful dishes are great . . . at special times. I can say that we really enjoy the food at our home and want to pass that on to you!

Dinner at our house always ends with clean plates and all the kids saying, “Thanks, mom! That was really good!”

Let’s get that at your house too!

I cannot wait to see you in one of my classes!


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