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As a Heath Coach, I offer multiple ways to build your thriving gluten-free lifestyle that best support your journey.

1 - 1 Coaching Program

Where do you need support to put your gluten-free life on the right path?

Right now, working over the phone or through Zoom, we work on building a gluten-free life that fits into your lifestyle with ease.

Can you imagine what YOUR life would look like if gluten-free living was just routine?

One on One Client Sessions
Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Grab your friends, your tea, water or glass of wine, and join in on the fun!

Learn new recipes along with important healthy nuggets of information through our Monthly Virtual Cooking Classes. Each month is a different theme to help build your gluten-free life.

Let’s get in the kitchen together!

Individual cooking classes are also available.

Your Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen Mini-Course

Have you set up your kitchen to fit your gluten-free lifestyle?

In this mini-course, you will create a gluten-free kitchen that kicks cross-contamination to the curb so that you can cook and bake with confidence.

You’ll create safety in your space and with the foods you need, the support of your family and house, and success to finally relax in your own home.

Your Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen

*The Gluten-Free Formula Starter Course

Gluten-Free Formula 30 Day Starter Course

If you have Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance and are frantically trying to figure it all out on your own, then you already know that you need the right guidance, the right tools, and the right road map to help make that happen.

In this 30 Day course, I walk you by the hand through my MARCKS METHOD to understand and incorporate gluten-free living into your lifestyle so that one day it will just become routine.

(Watch for details when registration opens)

Work with Jennifer to gain the support, guidance, and knowledge needed to create your gluten-free life that just becomes routine.

Let's create a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Want to chat about empowering your Gluten-Free Life?

To Your Health!