Fabulous Gluten-Free Recipes

Cooking Together


Cooking for my family and friends is soothing for me.  I love creating new dishes and revamping a recipe to fit our food allergy needs.


Basically, I want what every loving mother wants- her children to be happy and secure in their life.


Food = Memories


When diagnosed with food allergies, my children were all of the sudden different from their friends.  I didn’t want them to stand out or feel insecure about this. Empowering them about food and how it nourishes their body is important.  They should be able to eat with their friends and share in the memory that food brings to many of us.


Creating New Dishes




We have created this atmosphere by creating many wonderful, delicious, nourishing recipes.  Believe me, some of the recipes took a bit of trial and error!  Gluten-free cooking, and especially baking, has a science all of its own. Once we figured it out, we were off and running.  Of course, it is more rewarding to have the children and family help, or even create a dish of their own.


Cooking is Relaxing



Cooking can be a very relaxing and nourishing exercise.  It can be easy or difficult- depending on your mode of thinking. Really, it’s not hard at all.  As you enjoy what you have prepared and created, and taste the lusciousness of your food, you realize it is all worth it.


One of my favorite things is when my children get up after dinner and say, “Thanks Mom! That was really good!”


Try a New Recipe


Whether you are a gourmet cook, or have never cooked before, try one of our recipes.  I am always adding more recipes to the website so keep checking back.  Let me know which recipes you try and what you think!



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Happy Cooking!