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Whether you are just starting a gluten-free journey

or need help along the way –

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Living gluten-free can be

overwhelming and stressful . . .

but it DOESN’T have to be!



***Kick the thought of “there’s nothing left to eat” out the window and

know that there are new and healthy options for you.


***Think of how healthy your body will become by taking out

food that does not agree with you.


***Think of all the energy you will get back from supporting your body.


***Think about how great life will be to just wake up and live

(no stress about being gluten-free all day).




My goal here at Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot

 is to help you understand and incorporate

gluten-free living into your everyday lifestyle with ease.



My own gluten-free journey, along with my three gluten-free children,

drives me to help you. Gluten-free living has been my jam for more than 11 years now.

We LIVE this every day and have so much to share with you.

I am here to make your gluten-free life easier and healthier.



joy in our gluten-free life

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Stick around for helpful information from just starting your gluten-free life

to adjusting and changing habits with simple steps and helpful hints.


On our site you’ll find research, food finds, shopping, setting up your kitchen and home, finding support, dealing with schools, eating out, vacationing – and so much more to build your gluten-free life.


Oh – and don’t forget to jump over to our recipes!


These are all gluten-free and dairy-free and are all DELICIOUS. Yes, my friend – gluten-free food CAN BE delicious (despite what others may have told you!)



joy in gluten-free life

Let’s Build Your Gluten-Free Life


With so much information on my website, check out the blog posts below

to start your gluten-free journey off on the right foot . . .


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This is what we do at our house every day. Gluten-free living is just part of who we are! I want that for YOU too.


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