October 3, 2015

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welcome to gluten-free Marcks the spot



Whether you are just starting a gluten-free journey or need help along the way – I am so glad you landed here!



 Living gluten-free can be overwhelming and stressful

but it doesn’t have to be!Gluten-Free-Menu

***Never think of what you cannot have, think of all the great new and healthy

opportunities you can add into your diet.


***Think of how healthy your body will become by taking out the foods that do not agree with you.


***Think of all the energy you will get back from supporting your body.



Here at Gluten-Free MARCKS The Spot

 you can learn how to understand and incorporate gluten-free living

into your lifestyle with ease.


My own gluten-free journey drives me to help you.

(Check out my About Page here.)


I am here to make your gluten-free life easier and healthier.


On this website you will find lots of helpful information – from getting started to adjusting and changing habits with simple steps and helpful hints.


I share information on all areas of gluten-free living – from research, food finds, shopping, setting up your kitchen and home, finding your support, dealing with schools, eating out, vacationing with food allergies – and so much more.


One of my favorite things to share are recipes.  We are always cooking and trying new things in our home.  Then, we share them with you.  Who doesn’t love an easy, delicious gluten-free recipe! Many of our recipes are also free from other allergens – so make sure you check them out.



Let’s Get You Started!

With so much information on my website, start with these blogs below.

They are jam-packed with helpful information and will get you moving forward on your gluten-free journey.


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Living Gluten-Free

Food Allergies?  Check out these Cookbooks

The ABCs of Living Gluten-Free

Are You Suffering From Food Allergies


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Disclaimer: The programs and views expressed here are my views and opinions based on knowledge acquired through classes, readings, lectures, and living day-to-day life with food allergies.  I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist.   I do not diagnose, heal or cure your issues.  I am a Certified Health Coach and am here to support, guide and cheer you on in your health journey. The information presented here is for education and knowledge to use best to support understanding living gluten-free.  The views here are in no means meant to take the place of your doctor.  Always consult your doctor before starting on a new diet or lifestyle change.