Are You Reading Your Gluten-Free Labels?

Gluten-free labels have become so helpful!


Whenever we have a new item in the house, my youngest child will ask, “Is that Gluten-free?”


He knows we can only eat gluten-free items, and knows to ask before he eats anything. Now that he is starting to read, he looks for the “GF” or “GLUTEN-FREE” label on the package.  Already, at 6, he knows to read the gluten-free labels.


Yet, as we grow and follow this lifestyle, is this something we take for granted?



Checking your gluten-free labels should be HIGH PRIORITY in following a gluten-free lifestyle – whether you have Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance or are fighting any Auto-Immune Disease.  With the labeling updates showing “Certified Gluten-Free,” we have come a long way since I started this journey.  Grocery shopping was not fun back then.  Labels could say gluten-free but then ingredients weren’t always clear that they were in FACT gluten-free.  It was a super confusing time!


Gluten-Free food labels


Now, overall, the labeling laws have our backs.  We can be guided by the multiple gluten-free labels we find on a label today.


Stricter laws are in place about processing foods and gluten-free facilities, as well as how much gluten is allowed to be in a package to call it gluten-free.


This should make us feel better about the food we choose to eat.


Top 5 Hacks for Eating Gluten-Free


Be careful of similar labels


Have you ever shopped in a hurry and grabbed what you thought was your gluten-free version of a certain product, like waffles or cereal?  Then, when you get home, you find that they are NOT the gluten-free version?  I have found that ALL too many packages made by the same companies do little to differentiate between their gluten-full and gluten-free versions.


Ingesting the “regular version” of what you thought were your gluten-free waffles will not feel too great after you devour your breakfast. So . . . yes . . . you need to read your labels.


This is one reason why I LOVE the stores that separate the gluten-free foods into their own section in the store.  So helpful!


But, this is also a HUGE reason why you do need to read labels and recheck EVERY TIME you purchase your food.  Once, I noticed someone loaded the gluten-free section of waffles with regular waffles – BIG mistake – especially as they had relatively the same box, except for the words Gluten-Free. So, even in the segregated gluten-free areas, always check your labels.


Always read your food labels


certified gluten-free food label


Important reminders:


Wheat Free doesn’t mean gluten-free.


Organic doesn’t mean gluten-free.


Non-GMO doesn’t mean gluten-free.


All-Natural doesn’t mean gluten-free.


All of the above labels are good to GO ALONG WITH your GLUTEN-FREE label, meaning you may be choosing a healthier version of the product. Yet, they do not mean gluten-free on their own.


Not paying attention to your

gluten-free labels

can really set you back on a

healthy gluten-free journey!


Keep yourself healthy and

look for the gluten-free labels!



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