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gluten-free BFF your Farmer's Market

Need a New Gluten-Free BFF?

Having a hard time figuring out what to eat for your gluten-free diet? Then hit your local Farmer’s Market! Yes, your Framer’s Market can be your new gluten-free BFF. This

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Can you accept your gluten-free life?

Can You Accept Your Gluten-Free Life?

Many need to be gluten-free due to Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance, or perhaps another autoimmune disease. Yet, BEING gluten-free and accepting your gluten-free life may be different stories.   It’s sad

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Gluten-Free Black Bean Soup

Gluten-Free Black Bean Soup

Black beans have somehow become a staple at our house lately. Over the last few years, we have incorporated more beans in our meal plans to decrease the amount of

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Health Coach, Wellness Cooking Instructor, Blogger, Busy Mom and Educator of Gluten-Free Wellness,

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