Gluten Free & More Gluten Free Festival

Traveling to the Gluten Free Festival   2762


In November I traveled to Stamford, CT to meet my mom at the Gluten Free Festival, hosted by Gluten Free & More Magazine.  It turned out to be a spectacular event!  They had a multitude of booths set up representing gluten free living, bakeries, companies, food products, and health products including make-up, as well as good gluten free living tips.  They held food demonstrations, as well as lectures to learn about different topics living the gluten free lifestyle. […]

gluten-free apple pie

Holiday Apple Pie


Our Fabulous Apple, Apple, Apple Pie

I have been baking apple pies for as long as I can remember.  (Thanks Mom!) Of course, as my nutritional knowledge and needs changed, so did our pie.  Over the years, we have taken out the gluten and dairy, as well as lowered the sugar tremendously.  All in all, it is still a fabulous, delicious pie we all enjoy.  In our house, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving or Christmas without one on the table! […]