Can you accept your gluten-free life?

Can You Accept Your Gluten-Free Life?

Many need to be gluten-free due to Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance, or perhaps another autoimmune disease. Yet, BEING gluten-free and accepting your gluten-free life may be different stories.


It’s sad when I hear someone tell me they hate their GF life, or after 4 years it still sucks.


These are people who are stuck in deprivation mode.


Don’t get stuck in deprivation!


If so, you’re busy concentrating on what you CANNOT have instead of all the delicious foods you CAN have.


joy in gluten-free life


A gluten-free life may push us to break the barrier of what we may want to do

. . . and do what we HAVE to do . . .

live completely gluten-free.


This isn’t a choice to make. It is a definite. You need to be 100% gluten-free.  Your health is on the line. Not to get dramatic here, but your life may even be on the line.


Accept your gluten-free life


Learning to accept your gluten-free life – finding all the ways to LOVE your gluten-free life – will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit!


When diagnosed so many years ago, I was mad about NOT eating certain foods. It was depressing when my family could order our favorite pizza and I couldn’t have any . . . yet I still had to smell it.


That was a hard time and never put me in a good place.


After a bit, I realized that this did me NO GOOD.

Was I going to spend the rest of my days being pissed off when other people ate things I still wanted and couldn’t have anymore?




I needed to find a way to truly accept my gluten-free life and move on to create a healthy life going forward.


So . . . that is what I did.


Thankful for gluten-free living

Decide to ACCEPT your gluten-free life


We took all of our recipes – all the food we loved over the years and changed everything to be gluten-free.


There were certainly trials and errors but we figured it out – and YOU can too.


Once we made our favorites, we then went on to learn about new foods we hadn’t eaten before – kale, quinoa among a few.


Slowly our minds started wrapping around and accepting our gluten-free life.


gluten-free in college

More to do . . . OK


Sure we had more steps to go out to eat or travel – but it was all Do-ABLE!


Sure we have to bring along more food with us when we were out or ate at someone else’s house, or had a long road trip – no problem.


This all made us more aware of what was out there for us.


After a while, things started to fall into place and we found that we accepted our gluten-free life.


Accept it completely


We certainly do not live in deprivation anymore – and friend – you do not have to either.


☺ Change over your recipes.

☺ Find new food items you love.

☺ Learn how to safely leave your house.

☺ Learn how to navigate restaurants and vacations.

☺ Teach your loved ones around you what you need and why.


After a bit, it all falls into place and you are absolutely accepting your gluten-free life!


You’ve got this!


If you want help and direction – this is exactly what I do with my clients – I teach them to understand and incorporate gluten-free living so they accept their gluten-free life with ease and create a thriving GF lifestyle.


Isn’t it time to LOVE your gluten-free life?


Set up a FREE call so you can

start LOVING Your Gluten-Free life

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This information is provided for educational and informational purposes only, to educate you about gluten-free living and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure. Use this information at your own risk based on your own judgment. Always seek the advice of your own Medical Provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your specific health or any medications. This information is not allowed to be reproduced, replicated, or sold.

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