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After sharing the topic of my last post with my family of wanting vs. intending, they were intrigued by the idea of making a vision board.

A vision board can be as complicated or simple as you want.  Anyone, any age, can create one.  All you need is some paper, scissors and a glue stick.

If you’re tech savvy, use your computer to create one on a site such as Pinterest.

Get Creative

Gather some magazines and find your inspiration by cutting out sayings and pictures that will help to accomplish your intentions.  You can use photos, quotes, drawings, words, phrases . . . anything that inspires you!

Cut out anything that jumps out and speaks to you.  Create a collage and glue it all down.  Once completed, hang it up in a place you will see often.  As you read and reread your thoughts and review the pictures you chose, you will gain the inspiration to accomplish your goals and intentions!

vision boards

Have Fun Together

My children and I had a great time together, going through magazines, cutting out pictures and sayings.  It was fun to see what we all chose, and to talk about what each picture, word or phrase meant for each of us.  It was a great family activity to get us all talking about what we wanted to happen during the year ahead of us.

It was interesting to hear the kids talk about wanting, needing, and intending to get more sleep!  That is always on my list.  To intend to get the sleep that is necessary, you need to make it a top priority. Without enough sleep – thinking in school and having the energy you need for all of the sports and activities – is very hard to accomplish.  Intend to get the quality rest you need and you will. Post it on your Vision Board.

We have a busy school year ahead with the kids in three different schools.  Add in all the activities and we are the typical, busy, run-around American family. My vision board will help keep me on track for all we have scheduled.

vision boards

Get together with your family or friends and make your own vision boards.  It can be as basic or as decorative as you like.  It is fun and enlightening, and of course it will help you . . .

 achieve your own intentions!

vision boards

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