Daniel Tiger and His Food Allergy

Did you see Daniel Tiger’s episodes of Food Allergy and Food Allergy 100 Day of School!


So cute, so well done to teach about empowering children with food allergies.


My little guy was beaming from ear to ear as we watched together.  He was excited to see another child in his situation, having a food allergy.  He loved the little song they sang, “We all help each other”, both at home and at school.


Daniel found out he was allergic to peaches and learned three very important steps to take now that he had a food allergy:


**Do not eat the food you are allergic to


**Always tell an adult if you do not feel well

(at home or at school)


**Always ask if what you are allergic to

is in the food you will eat-

especially if this is a new food for you


After Daniel found out about his allergy, he went to school to celebrate the 100th day of school with his class.  There he was able to share his new allergy with his class.  They were all very supportive!


Both of these episodes were very well done- a great learning tool to use with your family to help support food allergies or to share with your friends to better understand what you go through with your allergy.




Thanks to Daniel for helping

to empower our gluten-free children

and all children with food allergies!  


Thanks for a great show!


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