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This morning as I was watching the footage of Hurricane Harvey victims on the news, my heart was broken. So many have lost everything.  I cannot begin to imagine all they are going through and how devastating life must feel right now. We really need to help those in need.

Imagine yourself being rescued after watching your home flood and being taken to a community center for shelter.  Imagine being hungry, having not eaten for awhile trying to get to safety. Now imagine that someone is finally passing out food. You cannot wait to eat.

Then you realize you cannot eat what is being shared as you have food allergies.  Unfortunately, this is something that can happen in disasters.

People with food allergies are not always thought about when people are stocking

food pantries and sending in donations.

As you are thinking of helping these victims, I ask that you take a minute and think of those with food allergies.

Kids With Food Allergies put out an awesome blog yesterday that HAS TO BE SHARED!  They listed ways in which we could help those suffering through the hurricane who also have food allergies and may need a bit more help.

As much as we may want to go and help, many of us live too far away.  Shipping foods and donations can sometimes hinder us from giving as well. Amazon has made this a bit more simple for us.

In the Kids With Food Allergies Blog, they state:

Allergy-Friendly Food Donations

Many evacuees of the Houston area are being sheltered in San Antonio. The San Antonio Food Bank is accepting food donations and will distribute it to various shelters in the area.

To make a monetary donation:

Go to Add “FOOD ALLERGY FRIENDLY FOODS” to the Notes section at the bottom of the donation page.

To ship allergy-friendly food donations:

Please use the following address and mark it clearly as an allergy-friendly donation.

Those in need of allergy-friendly food CANNOT go to the food bank for distribution. All distribution will be coordinated by the San Antonio Food Bank staff.

Ship allergy-friendly donations to:

San Antonio Food Bank
5200 Enrique M. Barrera Pkwy
San Antonio, TX 78227-2209

To ship from Amazon:

If you send a shipment directly from Amazon, add “FOOD ALLERGY FRIENDLY” in “Address line 2” and in the gift message. If Amazon requires a phone number for shipment, you can include:

210-337-FOOD (3663) or

(You can read the whole blog here.)

How awesome is that!

Please think about sending some allergy-friendly food donations to our friends in need.

I know we will be!

Hoping you are all safe and warm

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  1. Thinking outside the box. What a wonderful way to help those in need. I would never have thought of this tremendous help. Thank you for this great advice.

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