How to Keep Gluten-Free Pasta on your Plate

How to Keep Pasta on Your Gluten-Free Plate

I grew up devouring spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, and baked ziti.


Now that I’m gluten-free, do I really have to give this up?


Oh no, my gluten-free friend! You do not!


You CAN continue to love – and devour – all the same, delicious Italian dishes you grew up with . . . now you’ll just be eating a gluten-free version.


chickpea gluten-free pasta

Let’s learn to substitute!


There are so many different gluten-free kinds of pasta on the market. You’ll even find healthier versions like chickpea, cauliflower, or quinoa varieties.


My children loved spaghetti and meatballs as much as I did when we started our gluten-free journey. We made our own gluten-free version and have never looked back. 


We serve this all the time, and our guests truly enjoy the meal.


You CAN make gluten-free versions of your favorite Italian dinners that will be delicious. This truly helps take away your feelings of deprivation.


gluten-free pasta

Cooking gluten-free pasta


Know that there is a trick to cooking gluten-free pasta.


You need to find the sweet spot of “doneness”.  Otherwise, with gluten-free pasta, you end up with a bowl of mush pretty quickly.


We have found that boiling the brown rice pasta (Trader Joes / Tinkyada brands) for exactly 8 minutes makes perfect pasta. (Different brands/types of pasta will need different timing.)


The next step: rinsing the pasta well before serving it. This step is important as it washes away and “gunky mush” (yes my own technical term!) and retains a good flavor.


Once you find your exact amount of cooking time – rinse the pasta well.  You’ll have a delicious dinner to serve your family that everyone will love.



gluten-free pastas

So many gluten-free pastas to choose from


Now that there are so many kinds of gluten-free pasta on the market, you can really create a different dinner each night – not that you SHOULD eat pasta every night!


But . . . now you can use veggie or bean pasta so . . . maybe!


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