Return to the Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo

Like most families, our Saturday was jammed packed with many fun things to do.  The Gluten Free Expo was no exception!

Between t-ball, soccer, marching band kick-off meetings and even a prom to attend, we weren’t missing the Greater Philly Gluten Free Expo this year. We headed to Oaks, PA to attend this fun and insightful event and we were not disappointed!

This was the perfect time to attend the Expo, being Celiac Awareness Month and Allergy Awareness Week.  The more we can share and educate everyone living a gluten-free life, the better! There was so much to see, taste and learn.

This year the Expo was sponsored by Beyond Celiac, Aleias and Wegmans.  There were more vendors, more space and more people.  It was nice to go back and see some of the faces from last year, foods we love and organizations we enjoy. There were many new vendors and companies represented as well:  food products, bakeries, restaurants, stores, make-up, personal care items, chocolates, alcoholic beverages, organizations, food pantries, and grocery stores.

My children love attending these events as we always find new foods to try – the samples are always the best part!  We have fun going back home to find these items in our stores.  Best of all, we find most items on-line if they are not offered in a nearby store!

My son Freddie got smart this year and brought his own money.  As you can see, he pretty much stocked up on all the bakery items he could find! (No we don’t usually eat this much sugar!!) This year we especially loved the Goodman Gluten Free breads and cookies as well as Pure Fare’s cookies and sweet potato brownie – my personal favorite.  Of course, I was equally thrilled to see Wholly Wholesome as we discovered their products last year at the Expo.  Their brownies are a delicious treat!

We tried Baba’s Brew, a Sparkling Probiotic Tonic, which is located in Phoenixville, PA at A Culture Factory.  They will soon be hosting kombucha tastings and workshops! I am also anxious to try Harvest, a Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar, located in Radnor, PA (along with other locations). Their menu and tasting items they had at the Expo looked delicious.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nancy Ginter, the Director of Administration at Beyond Celiac.  She had lots of excellent information to share and great news of the upcoming Research Symposium taking place this Fall on November 9th.  Beyond Celiac is an excellent resource for all of us following a gluten-free journey. Make sure you are signed up to receive their newsletter so you are up to date on new happenings in the Celiac World.

Our family was excited to see Anne hosting the booth for NJY CAMPS, where they offer an incredible Gluten Free Family Weekend.  This is a weekend full of fun outdoor activities in a beautiful setting, where all the food included is gluten-free.  We learned about the camp at previous Expos and attended the Family Weekend last year.  It was the best weekend ever! Check out our experience here. Their next Gluten Free Weekend is coming up soon, June 9-11th. Make sure you check it out!

All in all we had a fabulous time at the Expo!  We met lots of interesting people, learned about new products and collected a lot of great information. Expos are great for anyone following a gluten-free lifestyle, whether you are just starting out, or have been on your journey for a while.  There are always new products to try, new bakeries or restaurants that have opened and lots of new information to learn.

The best part is that you can see how many people show up and realize you are NOT alone on this journey!

As always, keep your eyes and ears opened to find the next Gluten-Free Expo near you!

Let me know- did you attend?

What is your favorite part of the Gluten Free Expo?

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  1. Very interesting, as usual. Can see that you put much time and effort into your business and keeping your followers up to date on all the current events and new products. Thank you.

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