Smart Strategies to Overcome Your Obstacles for Living Gluten-Free

Are you creating your own obstacles trying to move forward in your gluten-free life?

This is exactly what happened to me when I started my gluten-free journey!

My mindset was a BIG hurdle for me to overcome.

* I was mad – I had to give up a lot of foods I loved.

* I was in denial – why should I give up gluten?

* I was angry – everyone was eating pizza – I wanted to eat pizza!

* I was overwhelmed – what the heck am I going to eat!!

Have you felt like that?  Do you create obstacles for yourself?

Living gluten-free is a huge change in your life.  Yes, it can even be overwhelming at first.  But, creating obstacles  . . .

Do I really need to go gluten-free?  

Can the doctor be correct that I have Celiac Disease?

That donut (cupcake, cookie) looks so good  – maybe just this once . . .

. . . does no good.  Take what is blocking you – and work through it.

Use your emotions as stepping stones to move forward.

The truth is that you will have doubt, denial, and possibly anger in starting your gluten-free journey.  You may get overwhelmed.  Let yourself feel these emotions – and work through them.  I found that giving up gluten, as well as dairy and corn, was extremely life changing.

Once I accepted this new life, things really did fall into place.

Work through it.  Being in denial and grabbing a donut is not a good move.  You already know how your body will react if you eat it  . . .  you will be miserable!  Of course, all of us are different on how extreme this will hit us.  Think first!  You have already been through this too many times.  Now is the time to move forward.

Try some of these ideas to work through your feelings and overcome your obstacles:

*keep a journal

*exercise – go out and walk in nature

*read a book

*watch a funny movie

*talk with a friend or family member

*cook or bake gluten-free dishes with a friend (SEE NOT so bad!!)

Once you feel your emotions – and accept that this is WHAT YOU NEED TO DO – things will fall into place.

Changing your mindset is a huge win for you.

Once you realize that your gluten-free life will

**bring you back your health

**increase your energy

**provide a happier overall spirit –

you will wonder why you were fighting this new change at all!

Living gluten-free is a huge change in your lifestyle.

Once you overcome your obstacles and accept it,

you will have a healthy journey ahead of you!


Go out there and use your stepping stones – I know I had a lot of them!

Keep moving forward – one day you will wake up and realize how amazing you feel!

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