Summer Energy Boosting Tips from 10 Wellness Coaches

The Summer’s Top Energy Boosting Tips from 10 Wellness Coaches

If you’re a mom getting ready for the summer, you’re probably worried about having enough energy to get through the day.


Sunshine, outdoor fun, pools, beaches, hiking, camps, and activities galore . . . yep, summertime is here!


As moms, just thinking of all the activities and ways to keep everyone happy all day can be draining. Often we put ourselves last, pushing exercise, self-care and healthy eating right out the door.


Your summer does NOT have to

put you last . . .

or deplete all of your energy



Having the energy you need will change your day. So, I’ve gathered a few Wellness Coaches to share their best tips to help you boost your energy this summer.


Dive into the tips below and see which ones you’ll start using today. Are you ready to boost your energy?


Jennifer Marcks

Start with whole, real foods


As a gluten-free Health Coach, I believe that having energy starts with eating whole, real foods. Summer’s the perfect time to hit your Farmer’s Markets as they’re bursting with delicious, fresh food that gives us abundant energy. Eat fresh and local and watch your energy soar. Easily pull together quick summer meals from the treasures you find, like a quick vegetable stir fry or a veggie pasta dish. (Find your local Farmer’s Markets here.) Did you know that shopping at Farmer’s Markets can also save you money!

Drinking a smoothie each day can also boost your energy tremendously. They have absolutely changed my health! Start with greens like kale or spinach (right from the Farmer’s Market!), add a banana, ½ avocado, a scoop of cacao or protein powder and coconut milk with a dash of cinnamon. Delish, satisfying, and filling! Although fruit smoothies taste great and still offer great health boosts, they may skyrocket your sugar. Make sure to add in your veggies (greens!) for the nutritious continued energy your body needs.

Change your plate, change your health, change your life.

Jennifer Marcks Gluten-Free Health Coach



Alexandra Chaffanjon

Set your intention to support your sustainable energy this summer through rest and sleep


Set your intention. It is so tempting to push ourselves to the max during the summer. The sunlight, fresh air, warmth, food and the opportunity to connect with family and friends (especially coming out of shelter-in-place orders this year) are all reasons that make it especially hard to prioritize rest and sleep. The simple act of setting the intention to make rest and sleep the foundation for your self-care this season will help you make it to fall without feeling exhausted, over-extended or rushing into the new school year.

Make space for Rest and Sleep. Carve out time for a midday rest ritual and a deeply relaxing nighttime ritual every day and night. These two self-care rituals are so important for preparing the body for feeling tired, winding down and relaxing deeply. These are crucial for a restorative night of sleep. You’ll handle those occasional late summer nights more easily if you give yourself permission to rest and sleep on a daily and nightly basis. One bonus tip is to spend time working/playing outside in indirect sunlight early on in the day.  The sunlight and oxygen will help you feel more awake and alert for your day and later help your body feel tired at an appropriate time in the evening, signaling you to start winding down for a restorative night of sleep.

“Food is the nutrition for our days. Sleep is the nutrition for our nights.”

Boost Your Energy



Kelli Anderson

Welcome your anxiety


Having anxious feelings is a surefire way to deplete the limited energy you may have. A quick tip to reduce anxiety and increase your energy is to welcome your anxiety. It seems counter-intuitive but inviting those feelings in actually helps push them away. Instead of trying to get rid of it (which triggers your fight or flight response) encourage your anxiety to come toward you. You’ll quickly find that when you invite anxiety it never comes. That means you get to boost, rather than deplete, your energy.



Mercedes Schlaffer

Self-care rituals help you feel beautiful from the inside out


Wake up and drink a glass of water with lemon and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt. When we get up in the morning, we’re usually dehydrated from the whole night without drinking fluids.  The Himalayan salt, known for having the right amount of minerals, helps us recuperate those minerals we’ve lost. Lemon reduces inflammation, which is one of the main reasons we feel a lack of energy during the day.

Enjoy the outdoors. Nature is already well known for its amazing benefits in our overall mood and energy. Even if you live in a city, going out for walk while breathing fresh air will make you feel energized and renewed.



Shonda Palmer

Increase energy through meditation


Anxious thoughts and worry can deplete your energy and leave you feeling fatigued. Practicing meditation calms your nervous system, helps manage your stress, and improves your quality of sleep. This will help you feel more refreshed and energized. Start with a 3-5 minute meditation using the S.T.O.P break: Stop what you’re doing, Take a breath (or 2-3 breaths), Observe (body sensations, thoughts, emotions), Proceed mindfully.

Breathwork can also give you more energy when you feel sluggish. Taking a deep breath can help you to relax and calm down. Try this quick and easy breathing technique: breathe in for the count of 8, hold for the count of 7, exhale for the count of 4. By lengthening the inhale and shortening the exhale, you’re stimulating your nervous system to feel more alert and focused.

Energy Boosting Tips by Wellness Coaches



Dawn Nava

Stop worrying about calories

So many moms are yearning to lose weight to comfortably fit in their swimsuits and be active with their kids outside.  But unfortunately, most women are unaware that just about everything they’ve been told about how to lose weight is wrong!  The biggest misconception, drastically cutting calories, also means drastically cutting your source of energy!

Instead of counting the calories of every food that enters your mouth, focus on fueling your body with real, whole foods.  By doing so, you’ll balance your hormones and hunger cues, so you’ll intuitively know when you’ve eaten enough.  And when your body is nourished and in balance, you’ll have as much energy as your kids and the weight will melt away!

Enjoy ice cream with your kids.  After all, ice cream is the essence of a memorable summer.  You don’t need to suffer and feel deprived in order to lose weight and gain energy.

So what’s the catch?  Eat ice cream that fuels your body and balances your hormones, instead of the sugary stuff that depletes your energy and throws your hormones out of whack.

Try this tastebud-pleasing recipe that contains zero scoops of guilt:  Banana “Soft-Serve” Ice Cream  (Serves 1)   Ingredients:1 banana, ⅓ cup milk of choice.

Peel the banana and break it into several pieces.  Freeze for several hours.  Then, blend the milk and frozen banana in a high-speed blender and until smooth and creamy.  Serve with your topping of choice (fresh summer berries really hit the spot!).  You’ll be amazed at how much this resembles soft-serve ice cream both in appearance and taste.  Get creative and add some cacao powder, cinnamon, or some frozen strawberries.  The possibilities are endless!

Energy Boosting Blog Round Up



Maria Amren

Planning and Engagement is Key


As a mom, it’s easy to put yourself last and prioritize other’s needs before yours – for many this means that exercise will take the back-burner. The less active we are the less energy we get, and the circle of bad habits begins.

Plan your exercise into your weekly schedule together with your family/partner. Planning together sets expectations and accountability. If you are expected to get your workout done at 6 am, have your partner make sure you’re out of bed getting it done. Use your network to help you stay accountable. Your personal trainer, coach, or even workout partner are great resources to help get you started. Let them know your plan and do it together!

Involve the kids in your exercise routines. This approach engages them and makes it fun. For example, have them create the exercises in a circuit workout. This could be a circuit in the backyard where you switch off from one exercise to the other every 45 seconds. Your child might choose push-ups, you select plank, they choose jumping jacks…and so on. Doing 7-10 exercises 3 times around will give you a good 30-minute circuit.

It’s simply not all or nothing – a little bit will take you a long way!

Energy Boosting Blog Round Up



Tracey Schmidt

Essential oils give energy and focus


doTERRA’s peppermint essential oil is a fantastic pick me up when you don’t feel like you have the energy you need.  If you pair it with a citrus oil … shazam!

The most powerful way to energize your mind is to breathe in essential oils. Put ONE drop of peppermint oil in your hand, rub your hands together, cup them over your mouth/nose and breathe deeply.  You can rub any remaining oil on the back of your neck.  If you want to supercharge the experience, follow it up with a citrus oil ~ wild orange is my favorite.  Put these oils in a diffuser for a longer-lasting experience.  You’ll have more energy AND focus.

Energy Boosting Blog Round Up



Gloria DuChaine

A simple gardening activity can assist with boosting energy levels

Herbal garden:  Zesty herbs transform meals into delicious enjoyments and support the body’s vital life force. Check your kitchen cabinet for spices to support your energy levels! These include warming, and sometimes spicy plants such as ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, mint, and sage to name a few. Stimulating herbal allies keep your blood, lymph fluids, and oxygen in efficient motion; a lack thereof thwarts the body’s energy off on a molecular level.

Add your spices for a boost of energy!

Boosting Summer Energy Blog Post Round Up



DeShena Woodard

Healthy finances increase your energy


Don’t Forget Your Financial Health. A great way to increase your energy level is by maintaining healthy finances. As we’ve seen with the pandemic there are some things that may be out of our control, like a job loss. However, in my household, we always practice two simple financial principles every day, tracking expenses and giving every dollar a job. Doing this has made a world of difference. It’ll give you peace of mind to know where your money is going so that you can focus more energy on all the fun stuff summer has to offer.

Make Time To Laugh Out Loud. I love to laugh and that’s a good thing because laughter increases blood flow to your brain. It also floods your body with natural endorphins that trigger positive feelings and ultimately improve your mood. One habit I keep is to watch an episode of my favorite sitcom every day to get a good laugh. If sitcoms aren’t your thing, watch YouTube funny cat videos or reach out to a funny friend. Do whatever it takes to get a good belly laugh whenever you can. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing.


I hope you found all of these tips helpful!  Enjoy your days and boost your energy by taking time for you to have the best summer yet!


Have your own best energy tip?

Share it with us in the comments! 



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