There’s Nothing Left To Eat!

Do you ever feel, “I have nothing left to eat!” because you need to eat gluten-free?


This feeling totally overwhelms most people at the beginning of their gluten-free journey. But, I can tell you that this is truly NOT the case!


Stop . . . and look at it from another perspective.


Think . . . There are many new things

I CAN eat.


Change your mindset of “Oh no” to “Oh wow”.  This can really help with holding you back or moving forward in living gluten-free.


Honestly, there is so much out there to enjoy.  Open your eyes and stop concentrating on what to give up – you’ll see there’s a wealth of goodness all around us.


Head to the Farmer’s Market – just about everything there is a safe bet for you to eat.  You’ll find so many veggies and fruit, even meats and eggs. Now many Farmer’s Markets have gluten-free bakery stands.


We’ve found many new gluten-free items while on vacation.  (You can see what I say about that here.)


Companies offer different products in different locations, so it is always fun to see what you may find when in new areas.


Top 5 Hacks for Eating Gluten-Free


Share and talk with your friends


My friends have helped me a lot on my gluten-free journey. 


When getting together, if they bring something over, often it’s something I don’t normally buy = a new item! 


Or if I visit their house, I see they have products I haven’t used before = all new ideas.


People don’t always shop the same.  So it’s good to compare and see what you can learn from each other.


There are many Facebook groups for gluten-free living.  There, people are always asking for ideas about gluten-free food. For example, someone might ask which gluten-free bread people like best.  It’s always eye-opening to see what people share as many follow different paths of living gluten-free. (meaning healthy gluten-free or all processed foods) You just need to decide which is the best fit for you.


Again, you will see that different areas of the country, or different countries, offer different products = all new ideas!


So . . . .no . . . you do not need to feel that you have nothing left to eat on your gluten-free journey.  There is an abundance all around you!


Talk to others living gluten-free,

find stores and your support.


You may be amazed at what you find!



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