Your New Favorite Summer Treat: Fruit Freezes

On a hot summer day there’s nothing better than a cool treat.


Yet, hit the supermarket and those cool treats are loaded with sugar and undesirable ingredients.  I really do not want to hand my child a glowing blue stick to consume!


To overcome this issue – let’s make our own!


Quick – Easy – Delicious



First of all, grab your favorite fruit.  Right now they are abundant.  You can easily find fruit at your local markets or the Farmer’s Market.


Healthful hint:  Since strawberries are #1 on the Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen list this year – do your best to buy organic strawberries.


Haven’t heard of the Dirty Dozen?


Environmental Working Group rates all produce from the cleanest / dirtiest for us to consume, depending on pesticides found on the produce.  This is great information to help us decide which veggies and fruits we should be buying organic, and they update each year.


The Dirty Dozen are the top 12 items that you should buy organic.  The Clean Fifteen are fruits and veggies you can get away with not spending your extra pennies on – a savings for sure. Check out the lists here.


Back to our Gluten-Free Fruit Freezes:


Choose about two cups of fresh fruit.  A mix works well.


Get creative and choose fruits you enjoy.



You can try one of these combinations or use one of your own:


Blueberry – strawberry – banana

Blueberry – strawberry

Banana – cherry

Mango – pineapple

Strawberry – kiwi

watermelon – kiwi



Place the fruit in your Ninja or other high speed blender.  Add ½ to one cup of your favorite milk.


I like coconut milk, either So Delicious or a can of full-fat coconut milk.  Blend well.



Carefully fill these wonderful pouches.  Find them here on Amazon.



You just need a funnel and a little help!



Fill each pouch. Here I filled mine up but they actually work best to fill about 3/4 full.



Then,  freeze until set – typically a couple of hours.



Take one out and enjoy!

My guys like to let them sit a bit before eating to soften a little.


A fabulous, delicious treat with NO worries and lots of health!


We’re off to enjoy our treats!

Have fun cooling off in the heat!


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