5 reasons to set up your gluten-free kitchen properly

5 Reasons To Set Up Your Gluten-Free Kitchen Properly

Is there ever a good time to clean out your gluten-free kitchen?


As much as I love a sparkling clean kitchen, the not so fun part is the cleaning.


Maybe not exciting, but totally needed for your gluten-free life, right?


We all need to clean out and set up our gluten-free kitchen properly.


You truly need to have a kitchen that offers safety, support and success to keep your health on track.


gluten-free kitchen utensils

Here are reasons WHY you

SHOULD set up your

Gluten-Free Kitchen Properly:



#1  Get out of overwhelm

When you go to prepare, cook, bake or even grab a snack, are you constantly worrying about “being glutened” in your own home?  That sure adds a lot of stress to your day!  No one needs added stress my friend! Setting up your kitchen will take away this fear. You’ll have the right food and kitchen items set, and everything will be in its own place. No more overwhelm!


gluten-free lemons in water with honey


#2  Stop cross-contamination

Setting up your kitchen properly will definitely decrease, and hopefully eliminate cross-contamination happening in your own kitchen.  Take the steps needed and you’ll see how much this helps the issue!


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#3  Having a designated SAFE Spot

Setting up your own special area within the kitchen takes away more stress from worrying about cross-contamination.  If only part of your household is living gluten-free, you’ll have a safe designated area just for your gluten-free food and items. Setting up this space is imperative to keeping healthy.


If your whole house is gluten-free, then you still need to discuss a “safe spot” for gluten-filled items when family and friends come to visit.


gluten-free grapes in kitchen


#4  Using Safe items and Utensils

Having a safe gluten-free kitchen will mean getting rid of some past items you have used pre-gluten-free.  Many items, plastics especially, hold onto gluten. Meaning, you don’t want to continue using them, like colanders and toasters. There’s a lot to go through, purge, replace and reset to complete your gluten-free kitchen.


gluten-free kitchen items with herbs


#5 To Have the Support of your Household

Sharing a space with gluten-free and gluten-filled items can get a bit confusing if you don’t set rules and expectations with everyone in the kitchen.  Which butter is GF? Can you dip your knife in the mayo? Which pans are you each using? Who cleans up after they prepare a gluten-filled item? How to cook both at the same time?


Yes, a lot to think about!


Having a family chat and setting up rules for your kitchen helps everything run very smoothly.  When people come to stay over with us, I share our kitchen rules, which I post on my fridge.  At first, my husband thought I was being rude. But as time went on, he definitely saw the necessity for the rules and keeping everything in order.


Beautiful clean gluten-free kitchen


So, have you set up your gluten-free kitchen properly?


Wait no more!


Right now is the perfect time to set up your gluten-free kitchen. It is so important to have a plan to set up your kitchen in order to have a healthy gluten-free life.


I invite you to: Your Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen Mini-Course:


This course details the exact steps needed to set up your gluten-free kitchen for safety, support and success. Stop getting sick, “glutened” from your own home, kick cross-contamination to the curb and learn how to gain the support of your family!


Grab all the details for Your Confident Gluten-Free Kitchen Course here:

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