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How to Stock Your Gluten-Free Refrigerator

Keeping safe gluten-free food on hand is absolutely important to help you stay well. What do you keep in your gluten-free refrigerator?


As you learn what to eat and which foods work well for you, you’ll see that having the right food in place will help you stay healthy and focused. You’ll have less stress over grabbing what you need throughout the day.


gluten-free pantry items

Recently I shared what you would find in our gluten-free pantry – all the dried/bagged/boxed foods we keep on hand. Today let’s look in the fridge, where you’ll stock the items that need to be replenished more frequently.


It’s important to stay on top of your needs and think about what you’re choosing for your gluten-free health. Overall, think about whole foods and less-processed foods to offer your body the health it needs. Be organized and plan to have easy to grab snacks and food on hand to create a quick meal when needed.


Gluten-Free Refrigerator, fruits and veggies

Here are items you may find in a

healthy gluten-free refrigerator


Eggs – organic, free-range

Yogurt –  Greek Yogurt or So Delicious Coconut yogurts are delicious.  Watch the sugar content in yogurt which can be very high.  Use plain yogurt and add in your own fruits, granola, nuts and spices.

Milk–  So Delicious Coconut Milk, Organic Rice Milk, Almond Milk, Soy or Hemp Milk (Rice, Soy and Hemp milk are good for baking)

Butter – Earth Balance Butter is our favorite gluten-free butter to use in cooking and baking. Olivio Butter is nice to use on gluten-free muffins or bread.  My husband likes the grass-fed butter, Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter.

Cheese – Sliced cheese or cheese sticks are good for snacking for those who eat dairy

Hummus – there are many healthy hummus brands on the market. This is a great snack with fresh veggies.


Primal Kitchen Gluten-Free Dressings

Salad Dressings – I don’t approve of too many dressings at our home (sorry). They contain too many unwanted ingredients and often contain gluten or zanthan gum.  Recently we tried Primal Kitchen Dressings and really enjoyed them. They are more expensive but offer better ingredients. You really need to read labels for this topic!

Seeds – Flax seeds, Hemp seeds or Chia Seeds for smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal add-ins

Tempeh – Good to have on hand for a quick stir fry

Sauerkraut – This is great to use to add probiotics into your routine, helping with better intestinal health. You can find options in the refrigerator section in the health food aisle. Bubbies is a nice brand.

Fruit – All fruit is excellent to have on hand.  Make a fruit salad or keep chopped fruit in the fridge, making it easy to grab for snacks. Add fruit to yogurt, smoothies, or cereal.

Veggies – Fill your fridge with veggies.  This allows you to pull together a quick stir fry, add to eggs for a delicious veggie scramble or omelet. Keeping roasted veggies on hand, ready for snacking can help you eat more servings throughout the day.

Meats – Grass-Fed beef, organic chicken or chicken sausages and organic ground turkey – Buy the best that your family can afford.

Olives – black, green or Kalamata

Ketchup – Annie’s -look for ones without corn syrup

Mustard – Annie’s Organic Honey Mustard is a favorite


Gluten-Free Refrigerator Items

Mayo – Earth Balance offers great gluten-free options

Sun butter – Sunflower seed butter – Trader Joe’s has a great one

Jelly or spreads – fruit jellies, pumpkin or apple butter

Organic applesauce

Salsa – there are many options that are tasty and gluten-free

Guacamole – our favorite gluten-free brand is found at Costco (Tableside Good Foods Chunky Guacamole)

Homemade Date balls, muffins or cookies

Leftovers – always




Waffles – Vans is by far our favorite. There are now multiple gluten-free waffles on the market, just watch the added ingredients

Gluten-Free Bread – check out my post on this here

Gluten-free Bagels – O’Doughs is our favorite – great for sandwiches

Veggies – keep veggies in the freezer, easy to grab and prepare quickly

Fruit – we keep a lot of different fruit in the freezer for smoothies

Greens – I chop up my greens from the Farmer’s Market when they are fresh, then freeze them in measured out portions for smoothies.  Super easy to grab out and use.  Kale and spinach both work well in the freezer.

Chicken or Veggie Stock – homemade and then frozen to have on hand.  This is so much easier than you may think!

Treats – Homemade fruit smoothie sticks or So Delicious Ice Cream

Extra dinners – When I meal plan will often cook once to eat twice.  This means that I make dinner for one night, and freeze one for a later night. It’s a great system for a busy family. (Check out Batch Cooking here)


Gluten-Free Refrigerator, fruits and veggies

I’m not stating that you need to have all of these items in your fridge to lead a healthy gluten-free life.  This is a snapshot of what to keep on hand to easily prepare your meals and snacks when needed. Choose well and keep your options stocked in your refrigerator.


Compare this to the pantry list and you are well on your way to filling your gluten-free kitchen with healthy and safe options.



What is your favorite food to keep

stocked in your fridge?


Let me know in the comments!



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