Are Oats Gluten-Free?

Are Oats Gluten-Free?

Oats are a controversial topic in the gluten-free world.


Many find they have a hard time digesting oats. They’re gluten-free, aren’t they?


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Truth be told . . . oats are an issue because they can be cross-contaminated in the growing and processing stages. Farmers may rotate growing oats and wheat on the same fields – thus cross-contaminating the oats for those of us with Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance.


The processing of oats, either in transportation or in the factory may also cause cross-contamination problems.


For these reasons, if you have Celiac Disease or are gluten-intolerant, you should purchase CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE oats to stay safe and healthy.


How to Save Money Being Gluten-free Cheat Sheet


Some brands to look for:

Bobs Red Mill, Trader Joes, Bakery on Maine, Glutenfreeda, and Nature’s Path


Oats may still cause issues for some, even when consuming certified GF oats. Eliminate them for a few weeks, then try them again and see how you feel.


Once you have been gluten-free for a while, and you’re feeling better (as your body regains its health), you may be able to better digest oats.


Still, you may find you can’t eat them every day, but possibly every few days. This is still a win as oats are a healthy choice to add to your gluten-free food options.


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gluten-free oat recipes?


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