Gluten-free sunscreens

Gluten-Free Sunscreens are a Must!

How do you protect your skin in the summer?


Protecting your skin is a definite when you are out in the sun, especially through the summer.  If you live gluten-free, think about choosing a gluten-free sunscreen.


gluten-free sunscreens

Are GF sunscreens



Some question if sunscreen really needs to be gluten-free if you have Celiac or gluten-intolerance. 


According to celiac gastroenterologist, Dr. Alessio Fasano, “If you have celiac disease, then the application of gluten-containing products to the skin should not be a problem, unless you have skin lesions that allow gluten to be absorbed systemically in great quantities.” And, according to the GI Society, gliadin, a grain protein in gluten, is too large to penetrate the skin.


Everyone is different and some react

to certain products


When putting on your sunscreen or your child’s, one doesn’t typically wash hands afterward.  Everything you then touch can have gluten on it (if not using a gluten-free sunscreen), including the food you pick up and put in your mouth, which creates cross-contamination.


Gluten-Free Starter Guide


It’s important to watch and care about what we put on our skin and body to keep healthy.  


Thankfully, many companies today offer gluten-free personal care products for those who have reactions and want healthier options.


sunglasses on a beach- gluten-free sunscreens

Check These Out


The following is a list of Gluten-Free Sunscreens, checked this year (2019). ALWAYS read the label and watch expiration dates, and replace every year. These brands are considered healthier by using less chemicals and additives harmful to our health.

Kiss My Face Sunscreen

California Baby Sunscreen

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Loving Naturals Sunscreen

Pure Haven Sunscreen

Arbonne Sunscreen

Jason Sun Sunscreen

Badger Sunscreen (not all are listed as GF)

Goddess Garden Sunscreen – They stated, “With the exception of Tinted Face the Day, our sunscreens do not contain gluten or wheat-derived products. The xanthan gum we use in our sunscreens is sometimes fermented from wheat, but our supplier has tested for the allergen in this ingredient and none remains after processing. However, we are not a gluten-free facility and our products have not been tested to be gluten-free.”

Alba Botanical Sunscreen – their website states, “If a product is not specifically labeled gluten-free, it hasn’t been tested and cannot be guaranteed as such.” *In reality, this holds true for EVERY company.


ALWAYS check the label

to be safe before using


Most companies change ingredients often, so check this every time you buy.  Read the labels and look for the certification to be gluten-free safe.

You can learn more about healthier sunscreen options at the Environmental Working Group.


Which are your favorite

gluten-free sunscreens?


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