How to Survive Your Gluten-Free Halloween

How to Survive your Gluten-Free Halloween

October has arrived which means Halloween is right around the corner. Are you worried about surviving your gluten-free Halloween?


Soon ghosts, goblins, witches and superheroes will be knocking on our doors to collect their “treats”.


gluten-free Halloween

Growing up, much time was spent planning and designing costumes, then finding the best route to collect the most candy.  Afterward, my brothers and friends would rush back home to count, sort and trade our treats. Such fun memories!


Now, as a mom and gluten-free Health Coach, the thought of devouring all that candy (for some in one night!) makes my stomach hurt. All the sugar bombarding your body is just a setup for disaster down the road.


Unfortunately, these “treats” can cause distress, especially to our intestinal health. The extra sugar and added ingredients can seriously imbalance our gut.  It’s something to be mindful of, especially during the holidays with all the candy temptations.


A gluten-free Halloween may change this holiday.  If you are all about the candy, deprivation may be felt.


This is where we change our mindset

and teach our children

to look at this holiday in a new light


Take a look at the holiday through the Fun Festivities offered.


If you go trick-or-treating, have a backup plan. Find healthier options that are safe for your child to consume, or treats that will make them happy.  (More details about this coming in next week’s post!)


Grab your gluten-free baking tips


Kid’s With Food Allergies does a fabulous job with this in their Keep It Teal Halloween Program. The teal-colored pumpkin represents an allergy-friendly home. They change the focus from candy to fun with Halloween trinkets –  hand out stickers, pencils, small crafts, pumpkins, or little toys instead of candy.  Re-focus.


How to survive a gluten-free Halloween?


Choose some of these fun activities to wow kids

away from the candy:


♦ Remember to think differently – don’t make it all about the candy

♦ Look around your area find some fun Halloween activities

♦ Enjoy the costumes and show them off – enter a costume contest

♦ Watch or enter a Halloween parade

♦ Put on your costume and go on a hayride

♦ Go through a corn maze

♦ Pick a big pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and carve it together

♦ Find a Haunted House for those who are older

♦ Look for non-candy celebrations put on by organizations like Kids with Food Allergies in your area


gluten-free Halloween


At the end of the day, remember to have fun.  Enjoy the costumes and show them off to all.  If you must have the candy, find some healthier versions and just enjoy it together!


Happy Halloween!


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