Find the Right Support for Your Gluten-Free Life

Following a gluten-free journey is hard to do on your own.  It is really important to find and have the right support.


Find Your Support


Luckily my family has been a big support for me.  Yet, not everyone was on board right away.  You’ll find some will join you immediately and others will push back and avoid “your new issue”.


No, we are not trying to stand out and look for attention.  Most gluten-free people don’t want any extra attention.  They just want to understand and be able to continue a healthy lifestyle.


All About Misunderstanding


Overall, most of my “non-supportive” friends and family were really due to NOT understanding – not understanding what gluten meant, not understanding WHY I had to be gluten-free, and not understanding WHAT I could and couldn’t eat.


It was very confusing for them, much like it was for most of us at the beginning of our gluten-free journey.


So, if you find yourself in the same situation – why not try and HELP THEM to support you.


What do I mean?


As you find your way, share what you learn with your family and friends.


You do not need to teach everyone around you or shout from the rooftops that you are now gluten-free!



support in your gluten-free life

Share with those around you


Share what you need to do with your close friends and family members, especially those you spend a lot of time with, and life will be much sweeter for all of you.


Give some of these suggestions a try:


*share a book about gluten-free living with your family or friends (Check out The G Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Kids with Celiac Disease by Danna Korn)


*bake your favorite gluten-free dessert to share (Try this one)


*cook a favorite gluten-free dinner and eat together (Try this one)


*take on a shopping tour – show them how to read gluten-free labels (Here’s some help with that)


*cook or bake together and explain cross-contamination while you do this


*bring them to a gluten-free support group meeting in your area


*hold a family meeting about gluten-free kitchen set up that works for all household members (Learn to set up your GF kitchen here.)


*share a gluten-free cookbook (check some of my favorites here)


*educate them on symptoms you experience when you get sick



Offer your support and watch it

come right back to you!



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