Gluten-Free Expo

Reasons to Attend A Gluten-Free Expo

Every year during Celiac Awareness Month the Greater Philly Expo Center holds the yearly Gluten-Free Expo.

I have been attending this now for the last few years and wouldn’t think of missing it.  Each year I contemplate getting a booth of my own.  Honestly, I have so much fun visiting all the booths and learning about the new products and foods, that I don’t want to miss that!

Yet, having my own booth would allow me to meet all the amazing people coming through  – so maybe I should rethink this step.

The Expo is a MUST for anyone living gluten-free.

Don’t worry, if you don’t live in the Philly area, Expos are held all over the country. Check your local area and you may find one near you.

Gluten-Free Expo

Reasons you SHOULD attend a Gluten-Free Expo:

#1 Come sample new gluten-free food, and find where they can be found in your area.

Many companies are there to share samples of their foods with some selling their products as well. I have learned about many new products that have become staples in our household by attending.

#2 Find new gluten-free restaurants in your area.

This is great as you may have no idea that a new gluten-free restaurant is near you or that an existing one offers safe gluten-free food. Big win!

#3 Come learn about new bakeries in your area or on-line.

Again, many are there to offer samples or sell their products, yum!

#4 Explore which household or personal care products are gluten-free.

Many beauty, personal care and household companies are there to share their line of gluten-free products. There’s a lot to learn, sample and buy if you choose.

#5 Dive deeper into healthy living.

Companies are there to help you live a healthier gluten-free lifestyle.

Shop Your Gluten-Free Pantry

#6 Attend talks by top researchers or organizations.

Typically they have a couple of talks, or demonstrations throughout the day related to gluten-free living. This is another great opportunity to learn more about the gluten-free lifestyle.

#7 Be amazed to see how many people are going through the same as you.

This was a biggie for my children.  In our first year, they were shocked at how many people were attending, all there because they’re living gluten-free! Last year I believe close to 3,000 people participated! This is fabulous for all of us to see, as often we feel like the ONLY ONE around who has to eat gluten-free! Do you ever feel this way?

#8 Meet people who write books, run organizations and overall just help to make your gluten-free lifestyle much easier.

It’s always great to find more resources to help improve our gluten-free life!

All in all, it’s a fabulous day all about gluten-free living.  It’s a fun-filled day of food and learning.

Afterwards at our home, we enjoy comparing what we each found – the foods to sample, the people we’ve met and all the samples we’ve bought home.

The kids LOVE the new foods and it’s always great to then find them in your own grocery store!

Gluten-Free Expo Food Finds

Go find a Gluten-Free Expo in your area!

The Philly Expo is being held this weekend, Saturday, May 18th at the Greater Philly Expo Center in Oaks, PA.  You can purchase tickets at any Wegmans Grocery store near you.

Maybe I will see you there!

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