10 Gluten-Free Snacks top Keep You Happy When You're Out

10 Gluten-Free Snacks to Keep You Happy When You’re Out

Need help finding gluten-free snacks when you are out and about?


If you’re running errands or spending the day away from home, carrying your own gluten-free snacks will save you a lot of stress.


Plan Ahead


There’s nothing worse than trying to find a good gluten-free snack while you are away from home and hungry.  Plan ahead and take some snacks along with you. 


When hunger strikes, you’ll be ready.


Carrying healthier options will deter you from grabbing gluten-free junk food and then feeling terrible after eating it.


gluten-free trail mix

Grab some of the following 

snacks to take along


Trail Mix

Easily make your own by combining nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut, gluten-free cereal, granola, or dark chocolate chunks.  Pick up a ready-made mix if you don’t want to make your own, just watch the extra added ingredients and high sugars they may contain. Peak on the Go Trail Mixes and Enjoy Life both have great options – yet they vary on sugar and added ingredients depending on the blend.

Preparing this yourself will keep you in charge of what you’re eating.  Remember that during the summer, place any trail mixes with chocolate in the cooler!


Kind Bars or Lara Bars

There are a lot of choices/options to choose from with both of these bars.


Top 5 Hacks for Eating Gluten-Free



Any fruit you love is great for snacking, berries, apples, bananas, grapes. Hit the Farmer’s Market and get some delicious seasonal fruits for snacking. While you are out, keep them in a cooler so they do not spoil.


Date balls

Homemade date balls are the easiest thing to make! Simply blend together dates and coconut with a pinch of sea salt. Roll into a ball.  To bake or not is up to you! For a crunch, simply roll in shredded coconut and bake for 10 minutes at 350º.

There are multiple combinations to create your own date balls.

Figgy Pops or GFBites are also great options.


Gluten-Free Muffins

Homemade muffins are the best.  Check out our fabulous Pumpkin Muffins.


Gluten-Free Cookies

Homemade (Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies) or Enjoy Life mini-bags are great for travel.


No-bake Cookies

Try these delicious no-bake cookies by Dr. Axe. If you cannot have nuts, just substitute the almond butter for sunflower seed butter.


Veggie chips

Try some Beet, Kale, or sweet potato chips.  If you have a dehydrator, you can make these at home.


Veggie sticks

Simply slice up any of your favorite veggies and place them in a container. Summer is the best time to hit your Framer’s Market and stock up on the delicious seasonal veggies available.

Dip them in your favorite hummus, guacamole, or gluten-free dressing.



Mix and blend your favorite smoothie before you leave the house.  Keep it in a cooler and you are ready when hunger strikes.


gluten-free summer strawberries and blueberries

No spoiling


*In the summer months, make sure you have a small cooler in your car to keep food from spoiling.


Don’t forget to bring along extra water – definitely to be kept in your cooler as well.


Be prepared and plan ahead to combat your hunger and stress when you are out and about!


What is your favorite travel snack?


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2 Responses

  1. Hello, I am looking at your snack list. I noticed you mention buying a ready made trail mix. They almost always have gluten in them. I believe most ad wheat to help prevent clumping together not to mention most all nuts already have gluten in them due to the fact they are processed on the same equipment as wheat. So that does it for homemade mix as well! I haven’t been able to find any nuts without gluten. (I have a skin condition due to a gluten allergy called Durigs disease or Dermatitus herpetiformis. I break out all over after eating gluten and it is extremely itchy and embarassing! It gets misdiagnosed as other skin conditions since most doctors aren’t knowledgeable about it. So it is literally visible when I eat something with gluten then I have to go back and figure out what it was. Of course it doesn’t list gluten on the ingredients because it is cross contamination. So now I don’t eat nuts at all unfortunately. Just by looking at them you can’t tell. I once washed some walnuts thinking I could possibly remove it but after both soaking them and about 20 or so rinses the water still looked like milk, no joke! I gave up! If you know how to get truly gluten free nuts please let me know. Thinking you ought to warn your readers. Thanks
    1. Hi Tallulah - I understand your issue. It can be hard to find gluten-free items, especially due to cross-contamination. This is why it is so important to learn how to read labels and navigate the whole package for hidden gluten - like looking at the statement, "processed in a facility that also processes wheat, gluten, nuts . . ." That will help. Look for the certified gluten-free label. Peak on the Trail Brand and Enjoy Life, both have Gluten-Free trail mixes. Otherwise, you may find gluten-free nuts at Trader Joes- they sell plain nuts, nothing on them at all. The store is really good at checking for you. Hope that helps!

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