Even More Gluten-Free Baking Tips

Even More Gluten-Free Baking Tips to Impress your Loved Ones

Looking for more gluten-free baking tips to get into the kitchen and create delicious treats for your loved ones?


Gluten-Free Chocolate Topped Peanut butter Cookies

Are you now inspired to bake?


I love to bake!

Baking is very relaxing for me. I love creating something to share or baking with my children, creating something we will all enjoy.


Baking Spoons and bowls

Let’s get you inspired and baking more in your kitchen!



baking tips just for you

More Gluten-free Baking Tips: Experiment

#1 Experiment – Experiment – Experiment!

You need to play!  Get in your kitchen and try new recipes, different ingredients, alternative flours, new ideas, and different binders to see how gluten-free baking works for you.

Find a new flour (cassava or banana?) and try a new recipe.

We are always experimenting with new baking ideas at our home. It’s super fun to create something new that everyone loves!

Just start and see where it takes you! You just may create your new favorite treat of all time!


More Gluten-Free Baking Tips: Bake one at a Time

#2 Baking ONE at a Time

No, I’m not talking about baking cookies one at a time.  I am talking about gluten-free and non-gluten-free baked items baking at the same time.  You never want to bake the two together at the same time in the same oven which can cause cross-contamination.

If you’re having a cookie party (or pizza party), always bake the gluten-free versions first.  Then bake the non-gluten-free items – after ALL of the gluten-free items have been baked.

Baking the gluten-filled versions prior to the gluten-free items can cause cross-contamination issues.


Gluten-Free Baking Tips


More Gluten-Free Baking Tips: Bake and Freeze

#3 Bake & Freeze

Your freezer is your best friend when it comes to gluten-free baking!

Many gluten-free baked items do not last long as they often become hard, break apart, or crumble up quickly. Bake your items, then freeze them the same day.  Take out what you need when you want to indulge.

Of course, at our house, some don’t make it to the freezer because there’s nothing left to freeze!


More Baking Tips: Yours Won't Look The Same

#4 Your Baked Item May NOT Look Like It Did On-Line

Those beautiful pictures of baked goods we see on Pinterest and Instagram will not always be the result you get. Oven temperatures vary, baking pans create different results (glass compared to aluminum or metal), and even the temperature of the ingredients you are using can alter a recipe.

This shouldn’t deter you from trying!  The beautiful pictures of gluten-free baked goods should give you some inspiration.


What will you make in your kitchen?

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