Gluten-Free? Your Life as a Baker is NOT Over!


Going gluten-free meant that my life as a baker was over!


I was crushed by the idea of giving up baking, something I grew up with and love to do.


My mom has baked her whole life and definitely passed that love onto me and my children. I didn’t want to stop baking!


We were all at a loss at the beginning

of our gluten-free journey


Then . . . we realized . . . it didn’t have to be that way.


We just needed a NEW mindset


We learned so much! Did you know that there are multiple flours available besides the basic blanched wheat/white flour?  We never had a clue! (Check some out here!)


This alone opened so many doors – and so many “science experiments”.


At first our kitchen acted as our “lab” with so many of our experiments going south – too hard, too crumbly, too soft, not cooked through . . . we experienced them all.


There was a new science to understand


Gluten is what holds the baked goods together – now that wasn’t available.


Gluten-Free Baking Tips


There was a new way of baking waiting

to be embraced


Lots of baking – lots of patience – lots of taste testing.


But, we learned that gluten-free baking is totally doable. And, we learned that you can create delicious goodies in a healthy manner.


Truth be told, you can look up gluten-free recipes through Google or Pinterest and find many. You’ll easily find them in all different categories such as gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, etc.


Yet, I found many just didn’t fit all of our allergies or were still loaded with sugar and extras I didn’t want to use in my baking.


Baking at home puts you in control of what’s in your food


I want to know what I’m eating.  I’ll splurge on sugar and extras sometimes, but certainly not all the time.


Grabbing the wrong recipes may just disrupt your gut


We’re taking out gluten to feel better.  Don’t go back to baking with crappy ingredients when your body doesn’t need them.


You may have gluten-free recipes, but if they have 2 cups of sugar and xanthan gum added, they may not be your best bet.  


Just be smart about your ingredients


Baking puts you in control of what’s in the recipe.


Make something sinful every so often.  (My S’mores bars – so delicious but certainly not every day!)


No more stressing


No more need to stress or feel that you can no longer bake because you’re living gluten-free.


This is NOT the case! 


Your gluten-free life still allows you to get into the kitchen and bake your heart out!


Chocolate gluten-free cookies


Get into the kitchen and bake

something delicious!


Try a fabulous gluten-free recipe today!


Need some ideas? 

Try one of these recipes:

Gluten-free coconut Bars

Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fruit and Oat Bars

Coconut Bars

Come back and let me know what you made.  I cannot wait to hear!


Need more tips and information

for a healthy gluten-free life?


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