gluten-free travel by airplane

Gluten-Free? How To Travel By Airplane

Don’t let gluten-free travel hold you back.

Your method of travel can possibly help or hinder your gluten-free trip. Yet, traveling by car, train or plane all offer good options when living gluten-free with a bit of extra preparation for all to go smoothly.  But, it should absolutely not hold you back.

gluten-free travel by airplane

Today let’s talk about gluten-free travel by airplane

First of all, call the airline ahead of time to see what rules and regulations you’ll need to follow as far as what food you are allowed to bring on the plane. Each carrier may have different rules.  Talking to one may not cover them all.

A little homework will give you peace of mind.  But, be sure to check each time you fly, as rules change.

Once you know the regulations, you’ll be able to pack what you need in carry-on bags or in your suitcase to be checked.

packing for gluten-free airplane travel

Know the rules before packing

You don’t want to have all of your food confiscated at the gate, leaving you hungry, or losing food packed in your suitcase.

On one occasion, a note from our doctor allowed us to bring a small cooler along on the plane for our gluten-free children.  We were boarding a long flight, and changing flights, so we needed the extra nutrition.  While this worked out well, the food had to be thoroughly searched before boarding. (Honestly, I do not know if this is still accepted, check!)

Calling ahead is also a good option.  This allows you to inquire about safe gluten-free food that may be served on the plane. Ask the same questions you would at a restaurant, including cross-contamination factors and preparation of the foods.

Questions to ask:

What do you offer that is gluten-free?

How is that prepared?

Do you follow cross-contamination regulations?

Is the food wrapped separately from gluten-filled foods?

If you don’t like their answers, then pack more food to carry with you.  The last thing you need is to get sick on your trip from the food served.  And, NEVER eat something when you don’t feel good about it.

When flying, at a minimum you want to pack easy carry on snacks like granola or power bars, muffins, trail mix, cookies, fruit (dried or fresh).  Pack foods that will hold up well over the flight.

Leave nuts in your suitcase or at home as someone around you may have a nut allergy.  Planes are confined spaces and we always support our fellow friends with food allergies!

If you are able to bring a small cooler, this could allow you to pack hard-boiled eggs, tuna, hummus with veggie sticks or even a smoothie to help nourish you through the trip.

Check ahead for airport options

Alternately, finding healthy, allergy friendly foods in an airport may be an option. Check ahead to see what is offered and know where the particular food stop is located in the airport.  Remember that you may not know where you are going to be in the airport until check-in or landing at your destination.

Even though there may be a safe place to eat, there may be no time to get there as they may be located on the other end of the airport, not too convenient.

Be prepared and have enough nutritional options with you to get you through your trip to your final destination.  Prepare. It’s no fun starving as you are traveling, or not being able to find something to eat. This only adds stress and low energy, which results in grumpiness and impatience.

Prepare for delays as well.  We learned this the hard way! We were delayed for multiple hours and ran out of our gluten-free food – then had no options around us while we were waiting. That was not a fun situation!

Plan to bring more than you need so you are prepared for long delays.  This helps everyone stay happy through the trip!

Always prepare

Being prepared ahead of time will take away a lot of stress.  This should allow you to have a relaxing and peaceful gluten-free journey.

I hope these travel tips help ease your mind on HOW to get to your location and inspire you to book a fabulous summer vacation.

Take the steps to prepare then just relax and enjoy!

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