Gluten-Free Travel by Car

Gluten-Free? How To Travel By Car

Worried about traveling now that you are gluten-free?

Don’t let this stop a fun vacation!

Your method of travel can possibly help or hinder your wants and needs for your trip. Traveling by car, train or plane all offer good options when living gluten-free. You’ll need a bit of extra preparation for all to go smoothly, but it is absolutely do-able.

gluten-free travel by car

Today let’s talk about gluten-free travel by car

Traveling by car is by far the easiest way to bring ALL of your gluten-free food and needs with you on your trip, both for your journey and your destination.

Depending on the amount of gear you bring on your vacation (items for camping needs, beach items or bikes), and how many people will be in your car, will give you an idea on how much you can pack.  Your only limitation will be the size of your car.

My family loves to eat while we travel so we pack a lot of food for our trips.

Think about the gluten-free foods you rely on and don’t want to be without.  Pack the foods that you enjoy or may be hard to find in other locations.

Remember that you need to get through your entire journey, not just the first leg.  Plan to have food for your total travel time, having a bit extra in case you have problems at your final destination.

Keep necessities close at hand

Pack foods accordingly. We keep our gluten-free foods needed while in the car handy, with napkins or travel cups to pass out foods on the drive. Therefore, anything you need while in the car will be accessible without the need to stop for a snack or meal.

The rest may be packed in the back of the car or trunk to take out when stopping for a meal or once you arrive at your final destination.

Pack all of your food safely, placing whatever can spoil in a cooler for your trip. Often, we freeze items so they last the whole trip and will be safe to eat when we arrive at our location. Don’t forget your drinks as well.

During the summer your car can get pretty hot.  If you plan on stopping while traveling, either have your food prepared safely in a cooler to stay in the car, or take it with you. If you will be somewhere all day, or overnight, make sure your food is packed safely – this included chips and snacks that can go bad in the heat as well.

gluten-free car travel

What items should you take?

Think about your destination and where you will be staying to plan on what gluten-free needs to take with you.

A toaster works well for a hotel, or staying at a friend’s house.

Basic kitchen needs are great to have when staying in an extended-stay hotel, a rental property or with family. Items that we typically bring along are cutting boards, colanders, a small fry pan and possibly small kitchen gadgets we will need. This will help cut down on cross-contamination issues once you’re settled at your destination.

gluten-free car travel

Be Prepared

Being prepared ahead of time for your journey will take away a lot of stress.  This should allow you to have a relaxing and peaceful journey with no worries of your gluten-free needs.

I hope these travel tips help ease your mind on HOW to get to your location and inspire you to go ahead and book your fabulous summer vacation.

Before heading out check out How and Where to Stay Away on Your Gluten-Free Vacation for tips on gluten-free travel once you get to your destination.

Take the necessary steps to prepare then just sit back and enjoy!

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