gluten-free travel by train

Gluten-Free? How To Travel By Train

Do not fret about traveling now that you are gluten-free!

Do not let your gluten-free life stop a fun vacation!

Traveling by car, train or plane all offer good options when living gluten-free. You’ll need a bit of extra preparation for all to go smoothly, but it is absolutely worth it.

gluten-free train travel

Today let’s talk about gluten-free travel by train

Traveling by train is a very relaxing mode of transportation, with no worries about traffic.  As far as gluten-free travel goes, this method of travel is quite similar to flying, yet may offer a bit more space to bring things along.

Check in on what’s allowed

Start by contacting the company travel regulations.   A lot has changed so always check each time you travel, with each company you use. Some may limit what you can carry on the train or how many bags you’re allowed.

It’s easy to carry food on a train in a manageable way. A small cooler can allow plenty of food for your journey as well as some for your destination.

gluten-free train travel

Food car possibilities

Check prior to your trip to see if your train will have a food car and options.  Honestly, I have not yet found gluten-free foods available on the train.  But again, things change all the time so always check prior to your trip.

Pack extra non-perishable food in your luggage to store above or below your seat.  This would allow you to carry certain foods you want or need at your destination.

Keep what you need accessible

Most importantly, keep the food for your journey accessible, not packed away or hard to reach.  Pack your food in a backpack or small cooler to take out easily.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated.  We often think we’re hungry, when our body really just needs a drink.  Of course, check the rules on bringing water or drinks aboard prior to your trip.

Thankfully, you have the ability to get up and move around a bit on the train. Good to stretch your legs every so often. And, bonus, bathrooms are available.

Be Prepared

Being prepared ahead of time will take away a lot of stress.  This should allow you to have a relaxing and peaceful gluten-free journey.

I hope these travel tips help ease your mind on HOW to get to your location and inspire you to book a fabulous summer vacation.

Take the steps to prepare then just relax and enjoy!

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