Celiac Awareness Month Spread the Word

Join In To Spread Celiac Awareness

May is Celiac Awareness Month. It’s time to spread awareness of gluten-free living.


I personally love to share what living gluten-free can do for your health.  This has changed my family’s health, so it’s worth talking about all the time.


I have personally seen many people change their lives by living gluten-free, both people with Celiac Disease and those who don’t have an allergy. Some just realize that they feel much better without eating gluten.


Figure it out


Gluten causes so many health issues that it makes it hard for doctors to officially diagnose Celiac Disease quickly. You truly need to be a warrior and keep track of your symptoms, with what you eat and how you feel, to put all the puzzle pieces together.


Figure it out and sort things with your doctor. Make sure you are seeing a specialist who understands Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance to get the best care.


Yes, you will always need to eat gluten-free. People complain about this a lot. I get it!  But, as you change your diet and your mindset, your life will change.


And, guess what? You can get your health back . . . and that is amazing!


Of course, living gluten-free is not always an easy road, but you can learn how to incorporate it into your lifestyle with ease.


gluten-free cooking


How do you do that?

*learn to read labels

*share with your friends and family what it means to live gluten-free

*explain that Celiac Disease is a true issue – you are not on a fad diet

*set up your home to best fit your gluten-free lifestyle (This is covered in depth in the GF Formula: From Diet to Lifestyle Course)

*share recipes and dinners with friends and family so they can see that eating gluten-free can be delicious

*visit gluten-free restaurants and bakeries – try something new

*try new recipes and get out of your comfort zone

*have a meeting with your family about how to best live in a gluten-free household, whatever that means for you.  If you are ALL gluten-free or if you will be a shared gluten-free house, you need rules to keep healthy. (You can learn how to do this in in the GF Formula: From Diet to Lifestyle Course)


Keep moving forward


Don’t get caught up in “UGH!! I want that pizza!”  Get over it and make your own gluten-free pizza.


You’ve Got This!


I hope you can learn to enjoy your gluten-free life as much as we enjoy ours.


Join me and spread

gluten-free awareness this month


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This information is provided for educational and informational purposes only, to educate you about gluten-free living and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure. Use this information at your own risk based on your own judgment. Always seek the advice of your own Medical Provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your specific health or any medications. This information is not allowed to be reproduced, replicated, or sold.

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  1. I shared your blog on Facebook to let people know that it is National Celiac Awareness Day! I also help raise awareness about celiac disease and gluten free living by coordinating meetings for our local CSA chapter.
    1. Thank you so much for sharing and spreading the word about Celiac and gluten-free living. It is much needed. Keep informing others and we will all excel at living gluten-free!

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