Best gifts for your gluten-free mom

The Best Gifts for Your Gluten-Free Mom

Buying gifts for your mom should be special . . . especially on holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day.


But, when your mom is gluten-free, you may be stressing over just what to buy.


There are more things to consider when surprising someone with a gluten allergy.


First of all, if buying chocolates or a food item, make sure to check that they are CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE.


The last thing you want to do is make them sick, or give them something they cannot eat.


If you purchase lotions or soaps also look for the Certified GF label. Reactions from personal care items can happen for many of us living gluten-free – always better to be safe.


Overall, you can and will find that perfect gift for your special Mom – I’ve got you covered with some ideas below.


gifts for gluten-free moms


Here are some great gift ideas to make

your gluten-free mom happy!



New Toaster

Having your own toaster when you’re gluten-free is a must.  Get one in a color they love!


New Bakeware

Update your bakeware, or if you’re new to being gluten-free, replacements are needed so they make the perfect gift.


gluten-free cookbooks

Gluten-Free Cookbooks

Give the gift of new dinners and treats.  Grab a new cookbook to spark ideas. There are many great gluten-free cookbooks to share.


A new Waffle Iron

If you’re new to gluten-free living, this needs to be used only for gluten-free waffles.  Why not start the day a happy way?


Insta Pot

Help someone get delicious gluten-free dinners on the table in minutes!


Ninja Blender for gluten-free smoothies

Ninja Blender

Give the gift of making smoothies.  Your favorite gluten-free gal will find new energy from smoothies she’ll make with this handy blender. (Check out our favorite one here.)


Gift Card to a Favorite Gluten-Free Bakery

Do you have a great Gluten-Free Bakery in your area? It’s always fun to splurge when someone else has paid!


A Basket full of Gluten-Free Goodies

This could be a fun one! Fill up the basket with delicious healthy gluten-free treats.  There are many on the market now that are fun to snack on with friends. What can you find to create a fun gift basket? (Check out our favorite things to fill a GF basket here.)


Bread Machine with a Gluten-Free Setting

If your favorite gluten-free gal loves to bake, this one could be for her.  Making your own gluten-free bread is the way to go – why not have something help you along the way and make it that much easier? A win for everyone!


Whatever you decide to get your favorite gluten-free girl – I am sure she’ll love it because it is from YOU!


gluten-free mother's day gifts

Happy Gifting!


What is your favorite

gift for your gluten-free mom?


Let us know in the comments below!


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