Gluten-Free Valentine's Day

Your Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day

Stressing over being left out of your gluten-free Valentine’s Day?


Big holidays and celebrations always seem to be centered around food – most often, NOT gluten-free options!


This can be a downfall for some living with Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance.


YOU can change that!


You can lessen the stress and enjoy the day along with everyone else by taking a few easy steps. spreads the love on Valentine’s Day by Going Teal.  They encourage non-food gifts that are safer and more inclusive for everyone.



Some suggestions to help on your Valentine’s Day:


School party

Some schools now have food policies in place and keep certain foods out of the classroom, like peanuts or gluten.  (Many still have a way to go!)

Other schools have changed celebrations to all non-food items, which can help children with food allergies feel included during the celebration.

Always talk with your child’s teacher and send in his/her own safe snack/treat for the party if there will be food available. Encourage others to send in non-food treats. (A great step to healthier living.)


Work Party

If everyone is bringing in food to celebrate, bring in a safe option for you and share. (Be careful of cross-contamination sharing food.) This way you will have something to enjoy with everyone else.

Or, start a new tradition in your office.  Spread the love on Valentine’s Day by collecting socks or items needed at a local shelter – bring love to someone else – instead of your tummy.



Here you are totally in charge of how you handle celebrations!

Surprising my guys with a new book to read, puzzles to build, or a movie we can all watch together as a family is always fun.

If you LOVE to bake like we do, create a special treat you can all enjoy.  Making it yourself puts you in control of the ingredients and how things are made – creating safer (and healthier) treats all can enjoy!


Gluten-Free Valentine's Day


Choosing something for your Valentine?


Think of something healthy you can make or share.  Try my Healthy Chocolate Pudding, any of our fabulous date or oat balls or our amazing  Hot Cacao recipes.

Surprise them with a new throw to snuggle up under, a new book, movie, or picture frame to showcase you together.

Whatever you decide, spending time with those you love is good for your health!


It is all about making your family and friends feel special!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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