Gluten-Free Halloween Survival

Gluten-Free Halloween SurvivalGluten-Free Halloween Survival


Halloween is around the corner!  Are you ready for your gluten-free Halloween?

Need help planning your gluten-free Halloween survival for your family?


No worries, I’ve got you covered!


gluten-free pumpkins

Halloween is such a fun holiday! Yet for those of us with Celiac or gluten-intolerance, worries surface about getting ready to trick-o-treat.


♦ What can we eat?

♦ What treats are safe?

♦ Where do I find these safe treats?

♦ What if my child doesn’t collect ANY candy he can eat?

♦ What should I pass out as a mom of a family with food allergies?


gluten-free baking for beginners workshop

I have been through many Halloween celebrations with my three kiddos and we have it down to a science now.


Take a breath!  Check out these past few blog posts just for you! Learn how to survive a safe and successful Halloween with your family and get rid of your worries:

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Go out and enjoy Halloween with your family this year!


Leave me a comment and tell me

what you will do to survive this Halloween!


gluten-free pumpkins

Happy Halloween!



Have you started your Gluten-Free Holiday Baking yet?

Grab your checklist to get started!

Gluten-Free Baking for Beginners Workshop


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