School Time for our Gluten-Free Students

School for our Gluten-Free Children

Are you ready to go back to school?

As we are still navigating past the pandemic, we want our children back to school so they can continue to grow and develop as lifelong learners.


It’s time to truly get back on track, get back to learning and see how far our children can go!


gluten-free children in school


These have been overwhelming times with navigating our children’s education – on any level – from pre-school to college!


Let’s move forward and concentrate on thriving in learning and building strong students to help our future for the better.



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Navigating schools

for gluten-free children


Being gluten-free, or having other food allergies, can make school a difficult place to be. This doesn’t have to happen!


You can navigate and create a safe community for your gluten-free child at school.


Each level of education will help with any struggles you may face for your gluten-free child to be in school. Check out the following blog posts to best help you survive and thrive in school and beyond:


Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Preschool

Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Elementary School

Gluten-Free Surviving and Thriving in Middle and High School

Sending Your Gluten-Free Child Off to College



Tips to further improve

your child’s school year

No-Bake Gluten-free Pumpkin Oat Balls

Have extra (healthy) snacks on hand

There has been a big rise in our snacking from being home. Be intentional about your snacks.


Choose snacks that offer health instead of filling up on sugar. Healthy snacks will help your child think and be productive.


Sugary snacks may increase your child’s energy, but soon that energy will crash with ups and downs in temperament and attitude (and later may affect their sleep).


Sugary snacks lead to desiring more sugary snacks. Keeping healthier options at home will help children choose healthier options.


Try this recipe: No-Bake Gluten-free Pumpkin Oat Balls


Smoothies to Energize Your Gluten-Free Day

Choose drinks wisely

Loading up on soda and other fruit juices will also create a harder time focusing on work and being still in classes. Teach your children to choose water and keep hydrated all day.


Don’t like plain water? Add fruit, veggies, or herbs to flavor the water. Try adding cucumber and mint, or make a peach tea together = refreshing!


Try a smoothie where you can add nourishing fruits and veggies.



Tie in learning at home

Create fun healthy snacks and drinks together. Get in the kitchen.

Use measuring, counting, and numbers – pull out the math while you cook or bake together.

Write out your recipes – using reading and writing skills.

Create your own recipes – imagination

In any situation, we can make learning fun.


thankful for gluten-free life

Do your BEST – 

that’s all we can do


Whatever situation you are in for school this year- we’ve got your gluten-free back!


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